Just another Sunday

Ted was leaving for work at the same time as we were leaving for church this morning, so we got ready all together like we normally do on a Sunday morning. When we were going out to the truck he requested an Uber and the app showed that it would be there in 6 minutes. Of course before we were all in the truck the app changed to say that it would be there in one minute! We all hurried into the truck and I raced to the front of the campground where Ted saw the Uber driving making a u-turn in our campground. We met up right at the exit, and no one pulled up behind us, so we had enough time for Ted to get his luggage into the Uber car, me to give Ted a kiss and us to go our separate ways. All of that anxiety for the minute drive to the exit!!

I knew the high today was 71 or 72 so we all wore short sleeves. But when we got to church it was cold! I wore my big sweater the whole morning in church.

At home I made us chicken, rice and gravy, and bean salad for lunch. I ate mine quickly so I could talk to Mom and give her an update on our situation. We started watching Lawrence of Arabia with lunch; I love that movie!

Mom and I talked for an hour and a half! I think that’s a record! Then I made Jack take a nap with me; his attitude has been pretty stinky lately and I’m hoping this will help. We slept until 6:15 p.m.! I was so startled when I realized that there wasn’t much light coming in through the cracks of the window that it really woke me up all of a sudden! I can’t believe I slept this whole day away! I’ve been wondering recently if I was coming down with a cold, I’ve been sneezing my head off, or if it’s just allergies? Who knows? But maybe this nap will help me, too.

I made the rest of our enchiladas for supper, and we each had a cinnamon roll for dessert. We watched some more Lawrence of Arabia, and then it was time for the boys to get into bed. I plan to wake up with an alarm tomorrow morning, but to also take it a little bit easy since it’s our first day back to school in 2 and 1/2 Weeks.

Cinnamon rolls and Pictionary

I made two batches of cinnamon rolls this morning. I wanted to thank the neighbors for moving their trailer so they got six cinnamon rolls, and I brought 4 to Mike and Linda. The boys played outside while I made them, and at one point Ted took a nap. It’s pretty certain that he at least has a cold.

I don’t think I’ve ever rolled them this perfectly before!
And they’ve never risen out of their centers like this either.

We both rested a bit after lunch and cinnamon rolls, and then we played pictionary for the first time. It was hilarious playing with Jack! We started off by giving him an easy word to draw, and the first word we gave him he said out loud. Okay, we should have known to tell him not to say it out loud. The second word we told him to draw a picture of but not say out loud, and then Ted put the word down and Jack spelled the word as best he could from memory!

After he spelled ‘hot dog’ he drew it. At least that’s what he says he was drawing!

The third word we told him several times to draw a picture but don’t write the word, and don’t say anything out loud, and then Jack just drew what he wanted to draw! The next time I told Ted to show Jack the word, and then while he’s drawing to show Max or me the word so we could correctly guess what Jack was drawing, but this time it was evident that Jack was not drawing his pictionary word. Jack may have drawn another word or two after that, but by that point he was tired of pictionary so he went to play by himself. Ted and Max and I played for another hour or two, and we had so much fun! This is what Max drew for interception, and I got it!

Ted ordered us pizza from Pizza Hut that came so much faster than any other pizza ever has. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and when that was over Ted packed for work.

Downtown Disney

This morning the internet guy came by to set us up. Ted is kicking himself for not doing this earlier, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. For lunch Max made us a caprese salad with our leftover mozzarella and tomatoes, while I made sandwiches and nachos for our main meal.

We went to Downtown Disney where I found the scarf Jo wants, Max got his new lightsaber, I checked out the lost and found situation on my earring, and the boys went to the LEGO store for a bit. Ted was able to find a Boba Fett shirt and a pew pew mug that he loved, so he finally got his gift from Mom and Jo.

On the way home we stopped at Walmart and got a big tub of chocolate ice cream. We sent Max in with some money for it, and Ted and I talked about what’s next on the agenda with his mom. These talks are never fun. I don’t like being an adult at these times, and neither does Ted!

When we got back home we sent the boys out to play while Ted talked to his mom to get the lay of the land. We were planning on fixing up the internet before the boys came back in, but it got so windy and the skies were so dark that we ended up bringing in the boys and the hammock and cleaning all the toys out of the yard. After we finished up the internet mess we watched the next two movies on our Avengers’ list and had popcorn and sandwiches for supper. When Jack got bored with our movie we set him up on our bed with his movie.

Ted and I are continuing our Sudoku challenge. I’m having a lot of fun, but that may just be because I’m doing better in general than he is.

Epcot, and our last day at Disney!

I slept till my alarm ring at 8:20, and then started getting everyone up. I saw when I raised the blinds that they’d moved the trailer! Hallelujah!

Ted left for his lunch at Chipotle with Eddie. I hope he has a good time! The boys and I had the last of the kale salad and baked potatoes. We watched The Carbonaro Effect while we ate.

When Ted came home we had a nap, and then we all left at 3:45 for Disney. Max and Jack went to get a DAS at Soarin, then to Club Cool for Cokes. Ted and I went to Mouse Gear to see about Jo’s scarf and to see if they could find anything to spend his money on. We didn’t have any luck, so we met the boys at Club Cool where Max got a blue birthday slushie. We all walked to China and Japan to see if I could find any gifts for my girls.

We realized as we headed out of the Lands that our Spaceship Earth fast pass had been changed to a generic fast pass; this worked out better for us, honestly. We got in line to ride Test Track, and the line was so super long! While we were in line Jack said oh my gosh so loud, and with such a long pause in the beginning of the last word that we all wondered how he was going to finish it! When we finally finished Test Track we went to Mars with our generic fast pass. I guess these are the only rides we’re going to do here our last time at Epcot; our last day at Disney!

The boys went back to Club Cool to get a last birthday slushie, and I went to China to buy the bags I decided on. We stopped for some photos on our way out of Disney for the last time.

We had thought we would eat supper at Epcot, but nothing was really calling us. We decided to go to Smokey Bones tonight, and it was pretty good. Ted got his usual burger with a fried egg on top, Max and Jack each got cheeseburgers and Max upgraded his fries to loaded french fries. I got the ribs with broccoli and a baked potato. My ribs were good and my veggies will be a good meal for another day.

We went home and went to bed. Ted thinks he’s getting sick!

Magic Kingdom and Ted’s phone

Jack came in to snuggle for a bit this morning.

When we got to the park we were able to park so close since we were early that we just walked in. The Lost and Found was on our way in so Jack and I branched off to go there, while Ted and Max went through the gate and then they split up so Ted could get a haircut and Max could go get a DAS for Space Mountain.

When we got to the lost and found building I was surprised that the door was locked; a guy looked at me through the window, but didn’t let us in. When I asked if this was Lost and Found he opened the door and explained that in the last few months this building has changed to their security office. Lost and Found is now located at Disney springs. Apparently I need to fill out an online form for my earring. Poop.

We all met up at Haunted Mansion and rode our first ride of the day. When we got off Ted told me that he’d lost his phone! He and Jack had been riding together and he went to pull his phone out of his pocket at the beginning of the ride to make sure it wouldn’t fall out, but he hit his hand on the bar of the ride in the dark and his phone fell out of the car! The cast member at the exit said that they weren’t able to stop the ride to look for his phone, so we would have to wait until 11 p.m. tonight! I can’t imagine how Ted’s feeling! I would be so lost without my phone! I know he feels exactly the same. I don’t see how he can enjoy anything the rest of the day for thinking about his phone all day long.

We rode our next fast pass, the Buzz Lightyear ride, and then Ted wanted to go back and ask at Haunted Mansion about his phone. Max went with him so that we would have a way to contact each other in the park.

There’s the hidden Mickey I found! Just to the right of center, and to the left of that claw.

Jack and I debated going to get a snack or watching the Laugh Floor. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said the Laugh Floor, so that’s what we did. I checked the wait time and it was 30 minutes. That’s longer than I usually like to wait, but I was fine with it this once. I looked around for the standby entrance and there was a cast member with a sign pointing to it. I got into the line but after a couple of seconds I realized it was actually the fast pass line. I walked over to ask the cast member where the standby entrance line started and could hear that a couple of other people were also asking him. After a few seconds he rared back and yelled loud enough for everybody to hear, “Hey people do you see my arrow? It’s pointing this way! The entrance to the standby line is this way, the same way that my arrow is pointing!” He was so angry! I could see little bits of spit at the edges of his mouth and shooting forward! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Other cast members nearby also saw and heard him, and other Disney visitors just stared at him and then quickly walked away. I blatantly took a picture of him; I figured if he was proud enough to yell that loud in front of such a big crowd he should be proud enough to have his picture taken. At first he shielded his face from me, but then he did a super sarcastic wave and I got a photo with this face and name tag. I finally found the back of the standby line and there was a cast member there so I told her what had happened and asked her what to do about it. She suggested the new kiosks that are stationed around the park, but said she didn’t know what they would have the ability to do because they’re pretty new. Jack and I went to the one right near where we were and waited in line for about 5-10 minutes, but the line was really not moving. I hated for Jack’s last day at Magic Kingdom to be a bunch of standing around in line, so I decided to go ahead and meet Ted and Max at the ice cream place and just give up on this. Surely somebody else would have mentioned his crazy behavior. As we walked to the Dole Whip shop I saw another kiosk and no Disney visitors were there so I went up to the cast member and explained my problem. She seemed properly horrified, and the other cast members nearby also wanted to help report this dude’s actions. She asked what we were planning on doing then and I said after all that drama we were going to get some ice cream, so she said she’d like to give us some! I told her that I was going to get the pineapple upside down cake and she gave me a coupon for four ice creams that size or smaller. So for the first time here all four of us have gotten our own item, no sharing!

After we finished our ice cream we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean. Ted splashed Max a few times on the ride and claimed that it was the ride; I can’t believe Max fell for it! Next up was Space Mountain, but we went to Haunted Mansion first to ask again about Ted’s phone. Then we rode Space Mountain and headed home.

The neighbors haven’t moved the camper. Poo. I don’t know if they tried and failed or if they haven’t even tried, but I don’t think I should do any more about it. We didn’t really have time before church to eat a full supper but Ted wanted a snack, so we all had cheese and meat and then left for church. The first time Jack asked to go to his class before we even left the bus I asked Ted and Max how many times they thought he would ask before it was actually time. Ted said seven, I said six, and Max said 14. In the end he asked exactly 7 times!

When we got home I fixed our enchiladas, then the boys showered and got into bed, and it was time for us to leave for Disney. It was funny being the only people in our monorail car!

When we first got through the gate Ted said I should ask at the Emporium about Jo’s scarf. I went to the first cast member that had an iPad and showed them the scarf and asked for help. The man found the SKU number for me so I wrote that down, and he said that there weren’t any that he could see in the Magic Kingdom but that Epcot had some and Downtown Disney had some as well. He also suggested I download the Disney shop app and look for it there, but I did that after I walked away from him and it shows no sign of that SKU number. I’ll ask at Epcot tomorrow and see what we see.

Ted got to the Haunted Mansion about 10:30 and asked at the entrance again about his phone, and they told him the same thing they’ve been saying all day; wait until they shut down at 11 p.m. and then they’ll look for his phone. They told him that he should probably go ride another ride and then go to Guest Relations to wait for them to bring everything they find after the ride shuts down. Ted suggested we go ride the Mine Train since I’ve been wanting to ride it and we haven’t done that yet. I said that was fine with me, but we could ride Haunted Mansion and see if we saw his phone. We got in the ride car at the conveyor belt and as soon as we passed through the doorway into the actual ride, only about one or two feet after that, I saw Ted’s phone laying on the floor! He was calling it but I couldn’t see the face light up because it was face-down, but since it’s a white phone case I could see it against the dark carpet! I leaned over as far as I could and reached but I couldn’t touch the phone. What agony! I reached over a few times after that and couldn’t touch the floor, so I don’t think even if we rode the ride again I would be able to reach the phone by myself. We went outside and talked to the cast member at the gate again and told her exactly where the phone was, and she said we’d still need to wait, but this time we only had about five minutes until the shutdown. Now that we had seen the phone and knew exactly where it was she told us we could wait right there at the gate and probably someone would bring us the phone. And that’s what happened! We were praying so hard that the face wasn’t cracked and that it was his phone and everything was fine, and our prayers were answered in the affirmative! They brought the phone out at about 11:10, and it was in perfect condition! Thank the Lord!