Madison and Maddox at the playground

Max tackled his hardest unit first thing this morning, and he made a B on his geometry test. Yesterday on his geometry quiz he made a D. He has a review and midterm exam next Monday and Tuesday so I hope he keeps this up.

The boys had sandwiches for lunch while I went to Laredo’s and had nachos locos.

I want to make chicken and wild rice soup with the leftover IP chicken but the store was out of the right kind of rice, so I got some beef to try a new roast recipe I found instead.

Max finished school too late to play pool again but we saw Madison and Maddox at the playground so the boys played with them, and after I’d read there a bit I came back to the bus to read; it was pretty chilly today!

We had sliders for supper but I oversalted them. Yuck! I was using a steak seasoning and last time I undersalted them. I guess I’ll figure it out.

Tonight Jack dumped out my plant and earrings in the bathroom. I guess he was playing and swinging his clothes on the counter and knocked that stuff over. Since we’re not traveling I’m ready to be in a house where we have more room, and hopefully Jack can shower in his own bathroom! Living in the bus without traveling is not nearly as fun as it was when we were moving around and seeing cool stuff!

I finished reading my book during the night, and ended up going to bed after 2am.

Kasia’s advice

My throat was scratchy all day yesterday and that one cup of tea didn’t seem to help. Then I remembered Kasia’s advice to gargle with salt water so that’s the last thing I did before going to bed and I woke up and it’s not scratchy today! I also started taking flonase yesterday in case that’s the problem. I’ll take it twice a day for a couple of days to get it in my system and then I’ll back off to once a day to see if it’s doing any good.

We had chicken and rice in the instant pot for lunch. I’ve never been a fan of just rice as a side, but this isn’t just rice. Cooked in all the chicken drippings it has so much flavor! I’m trying not to think about how many calories it also has. This time I threw in a handful of peas and carrots I’d set out to thaw when the rice was cooking. I’ll probably keep doing that, it was good.

The boys watched Dr. Strange with lunch while I read my new book. I snoozed afterward, and Max still wasn’t finished with school when I got up. I’d wanted to go play pool with the boys but I figured with him finishing close to the end of the regular school day the table would already be taken. He’s getting ready for his Geometry midterms next Tuesday; hopefully after that he’ll start finishing each school day as quickly as he had been.

I talked to Ted a bit, and then we had the last of the poutine and salad for supper. We also ate the vanilla ice cream that I’d forgotten about. I blogged a bit before going to bed.

Bacon and pancakes with real Canadian syrup!

Well, we had two good days of school, so I should have been prepared for school today. Jack was just not in the school frame of mind. I don’t really know how to explain it, I guess that’s just the way he is sometimes. Before school started I saw he didn’t have his glasses on so I had him go get the glasses while I got the cleaning liquid. I reminded him as I cleaned the glasses that I wanted him to keep the cleaning spray in the bathroom. As I’m cleaning the glasses and handing them to Jack I tell him remember, keep this spray in the bathroom so when it’s time to clean your glasses tomorrow you know where it is. As I said that he went to get the cleaning spray from the bathroom even though he had just seen me finish with the spray. I said it again, that tomorrow he would need the spray, and again he went to get it even though he was now wearing the clean glasses. He has so little understanding of time.

His whole school day just followed suit. He guessed at all of the math instead of adding, even after I walked him through adding five or 10 problems. He just didn’t seem to absorb any information, and didn’t seem to remember much of the knowledge that he had yesterday and the day before. I finally paired school down to reading, writing and math and called it a day. I do have to say that one of the first things he did when school started was trace something, and then yell out excitedly, “I troce!!!” like he’d just won the best prize! That boy may not understand time, but he understands excitement!

It’s so hard not to be emotional about his abilities. This is definitely one thing that’s not better with public school and a trained teacher, but is sometimes more effective. I look to the future; I see Jack at 20 years old trying to buy a meal in McDonald’s and think he’ll never understand how much change he needs back. Anyone can gyp him out of all of his money at any time if this continues. But for a teacher who is not his mom they just see another kid that needs to learn math; it looks like he’s not doing so well, oh well. It’s emotional to me because I long-term care about Jack’s future. I know any public school teacher will say they care about his future, but he’s just another kid to them, where is he’s my flesh and blood.

We had nachos for lunch, those are just tasting so good to me these days! I just make cheese nachos, and add some jalapeƱos on mine. Then I spoon that fresh salsa on top. I also opened a can of black olives and we downed those today.

I can’t tell if I’m sick or if my allergies are just really hitting me, but my throat was scratchy all day. I drank some tea with honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon in it, but that never really seemed to help. Of course, I drank it over a two-hour period and rewarmed it a few times, so who knows if it even had a chance to help! I took a nap after lunch and had Jack nap with me; that was wonderful!

There were several phone calls back and forth between Ted and me and Grandmom and Mom all about the move and the house and whatnot. Someone is coming to see their house tomorrow around 6 pm. I’ve never seen so much junk in the realtor’s photos, but I’m hoping someone can look past that and see a house they would like to buy. Grandmom is adamant she doesn’t want to to me to come up there and help her move that stuff out, but nobody up there is going to do it, so Ted and I will have to.

We had bacon and pancakes with a can of maple syrup from our neighbors tonight; it tasted awesome! This trip has been so wonderful for meeting new people and seeing new things, I’m so grateful we’ve been able to do it as long as we have.

On the way to church we talked to Grandmom a bit; Jack wanted to call her. Jack didn’t ask to go to his class as many times as last week, this week if we’d made the same bet I would’ve won! Church was good; the missionary we had was asked how he knew God called him to Ecuador and he got really choked up talking about that. He said that he was embarrassed to say but he gave in to God instead of surrendering to God. Isn’t that often how it is? He also commented about being happier where God wanted him than where he wanted to be. I’ve reminded myself of that so many times lately, but sometimes it’s good to hear that from other people as well.

Max’s class had a give-away, and I think he was a little disappointed that everyone got Post-It notes so they could start memorizing Scripture. During the welcome time in church Jack’s teacher came up and asked me what to do when he was disobeying; he said that two weeks ago Jack asked to go to the bathroom and then they couldn’t get him out, so they’d asked Max to come and get him out. Max told me about that, but with Ted home I’d forgotten it. I told his teacher that as soon as there was any trouble with Jack to text me and that I would be happy to come get him and I would keep Jack in the service with me. I think that’s the best way to teach Jack that lesson. I think that will mean more to him than anything else since he so desires to go to that class; taking it away from him when he isn’t obeying might be the best thing to do to get him to understand what he needs to do.

I started the next Tana French book tonight to keep up with Ted. I do love these books, but the formula they follow means that so far the people you fall in love with end up doing a really stupid thing and then stop working together. Ugh. But other than that I love her writing and the story line.

Punjab Indian Restaurant

School was good today again, thankfully. When Jack was finished but Max had a couple of units left I left to go out to eat and get groceries. I watched Max make grits and eggs for Jack, because there was only enough bread for one sandwich.

I went straight to the Mexican restaurant, Laredos; I was super disappointed to find that they were closed! I had my heart set on those cheese enchiladas. Next time! I sat in the truck for a bit looking on Yelp and finally decided to go to Punjab Indian restaurant just down the street. I had intended to go to BBQ Tonight, the Indian Restaurant the boys and I went to after Disney one night last year; but they open at 5 pm. This restaurant has super high reviews about their tandoori chicken, and that’s what I really liked at the other Indian restaurant, so that settled that. I went in and ordered a samosa with potatoes and veggies (the pastry was wonderful, and the filling was pretty good), they also brought out green and orange chutney and tamarind sauce to go with, and fried pastry strips to eat with the sauces. My main dish was tandoori chicken, rice and garlic naan. The chicken was good, but I liked the preparation from the other restaurant better. I ate each bite with various sauces and enjoyed my meal, but don’t think I’ll go back there. The mango lassi I had as my drink was as wonderful as I hoped.

My regular thrift store was nearby, so I went there right after lunch and found a cute little butter dish that looks like a cake dish. Grandmom texted me while I was at lunch so I called her on my way to the grocery store and talked to her while I shopped a bit. She said the house is on the market now and she thought it looked pretty good, but they didn’t move any of the stuff when they took photos. I said maybe they would come out and retake the photos once the place was cleaned up and she felt like that didn’t need to happen. We’ll see. She also said she really doesn’t think she should live in a house on our property, that she should live in our same house. She’s worried about falling and how would anyone ever know? I think that’s an unreasonable fear really, but we’ll see what happens.

On the way home from grocery shopping I called Mom and told her the new developments and she said we need to check whose name is on the property. Grandmom’s may be the only one on the mortgage but other people’s names may still be on the deed.

At home I sent the boys to the playground and worked on my blog a little bit. For supper the boys had my Indian leftovers and then Jack and I split the last cinnamon roll. After the boys were showered and in bed Amy and Jennifer video chatted with me and we made some plans for our get-away. I’m so excited!

Our first day back at school

Today was our first day back at school, and it went well. Jack had a few bumps in the road, so a few times I sent him to the corner to watch his breath. He quickly cooled off each time, but in the end I told him he would be taking a snooze with me because of his bad attitude. I know it must be hard for him, his hands don’t work like other people’s hands, he’s slower to figure things out and I think he’s realizing that, and life is just tough for him. But that doesn’t mean he gets to spread his that attitude around to everybody else.

Both boys finished school before lunch, and we ate that around 1 pm. I had my potato and broccoli leftovers from Smokey Bones, and the boys had sandwiches and cheese and crackers. For a dessert we split a large apple with peanut butter. I’m trying to remember to feed Max more lately. He doesn’t generally ask for more, but he always ask for snacks, so I think his meals should be bigger. After lunch Jack and I lay on the bed for a little while, and then he had a new Gemiini to watch. I want to get better at keeping Gemiini up-to-date.

After I snoozed I set Max up with the chocolate bread house to make and decorate. I wish I could remember what icing I bought last year or the year before that worked great to hold our house and bus up. I don’t think what I got this year is going to cut it. While Max was working on that I went outside with Jack and helped him build a castle, and then I read on the hammock for a while.

Around this time our neighbor with the trailer came over to introduce herself. Her name is Sylvie, and she wanted to bring over two cans of maple syrup for me! They have their own maple trees and can the syrup; how awesome is that?!

I’m not really tempted to try these recipes, but I thought they were cool.

I saw a stink bug in the shower today!! It took a little coaxing but Max got it out.

Jack brought out some bubbles, and after reading on the hammock I blew bubbles with him for a bit. When I came back inside to start supper Max was ready to give up on the chocolate bread house. The icing wasn’t holding, and he didn’t really care about the house I don’t think. We put all of the chocolate bread house in a big Ziploc and then I started supper. Maybe next year when we’re in a house of our own we’ll be more deliberate about this.

I found a recipe for poutine a few weeks ago and I’m so eager to try it! It turned out well. Though I do have to admit, I had some bacon in the fridge and no set plans for it, so I crumbled cooked bacon on top of each of our poutine. That moved it from great to amazing! We watched Lawrence of Arabia with supper. Max showered while I was finishing up making supper, and Jack took one when he finished eating. While I washed dishes we watched The Goldbergs, and when the boys finished their medicines it was time for bed.