TJ’s off to pick up pizza…our first take-out food in about a year. Silly Americans…the Spanish only start delivering pizza after 7pm. What were we thinking when we called Telepizza at 6:15pm for dinner???

There are so many things to get used to living in a foreign country…another one is that the 24-hour repairman we called to fix our water heater told us last night at 10pm that he’d be here this morning at 9:30am, and then he called at 9am to double check that we still wanted him to come. Why did we call the emergency repairman if he wasn’t going to come until 9am Monday morning, you ask? Because if we’d called anyone else they would have told us that they would be here tomorrow, and then tomorrow when we called to see what time they were coming they would have said they’d be here tomorrow, and on and on. So we paid the extra to have someone arrive exactly when they said they would. And they did!

As for cleaning the house…I’ve found lots of other things to do besides. And then we had our horseback riding lesson at 4pm. Guess I’ll put it all off another day. :-)


The pizza was good. It’s no Pizza Hut, but it’s nice not to have to cook, or even microwave anything sometimes…am I right ladies?

Well, the repairman still hasn’t shown up. I’m thinking that even though the Spanish custom is to have dinner begin at 8pm at the earliest that we won’t be getting our heater repaired today. Oh well.

Well, this is gonna be a short one…I don’t have lots of time right now to write what I want. I need to be cleaning up. I have tons of dishes leftover from our water outage last night, due to calentador problems. Hopefully we’ll have a new water heater by tonight! Yea!

The repairman came out this morning and “repaired” it, but it started leaking as soon as we lit the pilot. Basically our heater is old and needs to be replaced. Seems like we’ll be eating those 92 euros I gave the repairman now.

If the dishes were the only problem we’d be doing great, but that’s the way it goes when you’re the mama. Everything needs cleaning, and it all has to wait.

Ok, gonna post now because I want to see how this looks. :-)

I’ve always hated writing. Hated it with a passion. I still do. My mother used to say that someone who loves reading as much as I do should love to write; but I don’t.

I’ve written quite a bit, though, for someone who hates writing. The thing is that I’ve always been extremely sentimental and love hearing stories from my parent’s and grandparent’s childhood. I assume my children will also want to hear stories from before they were born. So for several months I thought about starting a journal.

My mother-in-law gave me a leather journal for Christmas 2002. Around that time I realized (through reading other’s journals and blogs) that you don’t have to write every day. I began keeping my journal January of ’03. After several months of journaling by hand my husband (a complete computer fiend) started suggesting a weblog. I loved the idea of being able to search my journal; that was about the only drawback with the handwritten one. I’ve been online since the beginning of this year, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I try to keep my journal about me and my family; but I’m continually impressed by those bloggers who are such great writers. I’ll never have anything published, but I enjoy knowing that I don’t have to rely on my memory for special moments.

Maybe one day I’ll type in that first year of journaling.