When I finally got Max out of bed I think it was 7:35. My alarm starts ringing at 7:20 and I definitely needed a snooze this morning! Then I called him a few times before he responded. Maybe we won’t finish school as late today!

Today is Kasia’s birthday, so I texted her. It was good to chat with her a bit!

It was pretty overcast this morning and cold, but the sun’s out now. The high is supposed to be 63 today, and 67 tomorrow before getting back into the 70’s and then 81 on Saturday.

I’m praying hard today that Jo hears something definitive on the business move situation. I’ve asked Mom and Jo, my girls and the Hoops to pray too.

We had nachos for lunch.

I realize now that the flonase is working; hallelujah! All that sneezing was really getting to me!

I went to the dentist today after I set up the boys with lunch: fried chicken, fries, salami, cheese and carrots. I don’t think my dental assistant did a super thorough job on me, but I don’t know that for sure. I didn’t get any x-rays like I expected to since they changed the law that you only need them every 18 months now.

After that was finished I went to 2 thrift stores but found nothing good. Then I headed to WM Neighborhood Market for cokes and cheese nips. At home I sent the boys to the playground for a bit. Max had finished school in time to play his whole electronics time already. Woot!

I’m working on my blog now and it’s so cool to see/remember our trip to Vegas!

When the boys got back Jack showered while I fixed supper: pizza and a salad with apple, parmesan, walnuts, oil and lemon juice. I played Uno with Jack while Max showered. When the boys were in bed I blogged some more, and crocheted a bit. I wanted something to watch while I flossed my teeth. I guess starting Olympus has fallen at 11 at night wasn’t the smartest move!

I have such a good life. I’m so thankful for everything I have! I love the verse in James (1:17) that says that every good thing comes from God. That’s so true! Even though Ted and I work hard for what we have, God’s the one who’s given us and the boys good health and the ability to have what we have. There is no way we can control all of our circumstances; and I make myself sick sometimes when I try to do just that.

I’ve forgotten this fact recently, and I’ve not been been very happy. On the way to church a week ago it hit me that the very thing I tell my children holds true with me: God can’t give me good things (like His joy, for one) if I’m not obeying. I knew that for the week beforehand, but I just felt rebellion. Rebellion that I can’t do what I want with my life when I want to. I knew I was being unreasonable, and on the outside I kept up appearances ok, I think, but I wasn’t as happy as I know I can be. I gave up my rebellion on the drive to church that morning, and yesterday I really felt like my old self for the first time in a few weeks. I know we have a wonderful life. When I started focusing on all the good things we have instead of what I thought would make me happy I became happier. I know that I’m happier where God wants me, and I know we’ve made the right decision, I just needed to give up my illusion of control.

I decided to let the boys sleep as late as they wanted this morning since Max’s outing last night ended late. Jack came into my bed at 8:45! With that late of a start who knows when we’ll finish school? But that’s the beauty of homeschooling; I know the boys got a good night’s sleep last night!

After I set Jack up with his school I started making the pot roast I had planned for last night. This recipe has a good bit of balsamic vinegar in it for a tang; I’m eager to try it!

This smelled so good as I was browning it!
Ted’s gonna be so jealous when he sees this!

The roast wasn’t as tender as I wanted it to be, but we ate it anyway instead of cooking it further. I usually use leftover roasts in sandwiches, and since I cut across the grain it should be fine even though I know it could be more tender.

After Jack finished his school we walked to the office to get our packages; some gifts for my girls came in! We looked at the books and I found 3 Reachers, but Mom said she has all of them now.

We’ve seen skywriters several times lately…they’re so cool!
I don’t know why Jack wanted to bring these poles on our walk.
But then again, I don’t really know why he does any of the crazy things he does!

Max finished school at 6:30! He finished his last 3 units in 30 minutes! He said at the end that if he’d not spent so much time griping and spent that time working he would have finished earlier. Oh, if only we all would do that!

For supper we had pancakes, an apple and oranges. I’ve never really liked pancakes or waffles; I don’t enjoy the taste of syrup. Since going to Canada and buying that real maple syrup I’ve realized I’ve been eating inferior syrup all these years! Or maybe my taste has just changed? Either way, I like maple syrup. We had our pancakes with our neighbor’s syrup again and they were great!

On our way home from church today we saw a RV bigger than ours stopped in the middle lane several cars back from the light. It was coned off and there was no one in the seats as far as we could see. Poor people!!

We had leftovers for lunch today: sliders, 3 bean salad, rice and beans, an apple and some scones.

After my nap we dropped Max off at church for the teen outing after church, and Jack and I went to Crown Fried Chicken. I had high hopes for this place but it was just ok; I won’t be recommending it. We went to WM for cokes and butter, and then to McDonald’s for Jack to play while we waited for Max to be done. I planned to read the whole time but ended up talking to Ted.

After the boys were in bed I finished my square dishcloth and now I have to see how it looks after I use it. It’s a pattern I’ve kinda made up from other patterns, starting with a circle and ending with a square. I made this up so I don’t have to count stitches after the first round or two. Then I started Tana French’s next book.

I finally turned the light off at 2:30am this morning, and boy did I sleep great after that! I woke up with my alarm and thought I heard Jack, so I called him to come get in bed with me. He was still in his bed playing on the iPad, wouldn’t you know it. But since he knocked over that stuff last night I figured I’d keep him where I can see him, and Max will get some extra sleep now, too.

When we were all ready to get up I sent Jack outside and had Max put up the dishes. I really need to mail Jo’s scarf, but Ted said I should go get a FedEx envelope for that. The Walgreens I went to didn’t have envelopes, of course, so I had to go back past the bus and go to Gaylord Palms. When we got there I saw that there was a charge for parking! I’m not gonna pay $35 just to walk in to get an envelope! I talked to the chick at the gate and she said the first half hour of parking was free. Jack and I went in and quickly found our envelope, and then we rode the escalator a few times just for fun.

While I was fixing lunch (leftover nachos from Laredo’s) Madison and Maddox played Legos in our yard with the boys.

I’m going through our photos of the Grand Canyon for my blog. Man! We’re so lucky!!! I can’t believe we’ve seen what we’ve seen over these last 2 years! I’m so grateful to God for giving us the ability and desire to do this. I love going through these photos (although I hate weeding them out…after this hopefully I’ll be a lot better at cleaning them out as I go along) and remembering the fun we’ve had!

Jack was making a cocoon for himself in the hammock today!

I made cranberry orange scones and 2 kinds of pizza for supper. I used a block of mozzarella that I sliced up, and think that’s gonna be my go-to now instead of the shredded kind. We’ll see.

Max tackled his hardest unit first thing this morning, and he made a B on his geometry test. Yesterday on his geometry quiz he made a D. He has a review and midterm exam next Monday and Tuesday so I hope he keeps this up.

The boys had sandwiches for lunch while I went to Laredo’s and had nachos locos.

I want to make chicken and wild rice soup with the leftover IP chicken but the store was out of the right kind of rice, so I got some beef to try a new roast recipe I found instead.

Max finished school too late to play pool again but we saw Madison and Maddox at the playground so the boys played with them, and after I’d read there a bit I came back to the bus to read; it was pretty chilly today!

We had sliders for supper but I oversalted them. Yuck! I was using a steak seasoning and last time I undersalted them. I guess I’ll figure it out.

Tonight Jack dumped out my plant and earrings in the bathroom. I guess he was playing and swinging his clothes on the counter and knocked that stuff over. Since we’re not traveling I’m ready to be in a house where we have more room, and hopefully Jack can shower in his own bathroom! Living in the bus without traveling is not nearly as fun as it was when we were moving around and seeing cool stuff!

I finished reading my book during the night, and ended up going to bed after 2am.