We made pretzels the other day and I made a heart one. When I ate it today Max said “Why did you break that heart? Daddy can’t love you without a pretzel heart.”

Sometime late December I told Max I was lucky to have him. He said “I’m not”.

They always slower than regulars, but they’re so sweet.

Techniques for developing them these days are so much better than in my day.

I don’t want to jinx it, but this is turning out to be a great year so far. Look, I’m blogging! A real post! Who knew?

One of the biggest and most exciting things that’s happening is that Jack is starting to learn how to walk. Literally up through last Sunday it seemed that he had no idea what he legs were used for. Well, I guess I need to back up a little. Back in October or so he began pulling up on toys with a little help. After a few weeks or so he could pull up without help. But that was all, once up he just stood in that spot until he ‘sat down’ by bending at the waist and falling. Heh. At some point he got sick with a little cold or something minor and then he completely stopped pulling up. I wasn’t worried, I hardly even noticed at first. But time just kept passing and he kept showing no interest. Finally, right before Christmas I think, the therapists told me (after serious asking on my part) that they didn’t know what to do with him, they didn’t know how to motivate him. Within the next few days he started pulling up in earnest. And then day before yesterday he started walking along the side of the toy box, all by himself! I grabbed his two hands and pulled him along towards me and he walked great!!! Granted, the boy doesn’t move his knees at all; it’s so funny to see him. His whole little body is stiff, but he’s walking! He did that Monday after breakfast, after lunch, and after his second nap. I called Mom almost in tears I was so excited! He did ok at therapy on Tuesday, but not great. I was so excited to try him after his nap, and he did just as well as Monday! I’m really hoping this is it. I know I should brace myself for him not to show any interest in walking for a few weeks, but I’m so excited! Yea for Jack!

As for Max, he’s doing great, too. He’s such a big help around the house. He puts up the utensils out of the dishwasher, fetches me things all the time, and generally helps around the house. I guess the utensils are the only ‘real’ chore he has now. Maybe I should think about adding something more since he’s practically 4 now. We’ve been telling him that on his birthday he needs to stop wearing pull-ups to bed and wake-up and go to the bathroom like a big boy. My plan is to put him in underwear for bed, make him a pallet on the floor (I don’t want to change his sheets every morning), and see what happens.

Well, Max is coming out of his room and I still haven’t read my Bible yet. Guess I’ll go.

What a great year!

Today: “Max, you really are a great boy.” “I know it.”

Yesterday: “Who’s that in that picture, Mom?” “I don’t know, someone who used to work with Daddy, but I don’t remember his name.” “It’s Ted.” “Yes, I know Daddy’s name, but I don’t remember that man’s name.” Goober