My boy is another year older!!!

We celebrated Max’s birthday today!! That boy is getting so big! He’s been hinting and asking for a new phone for his birthday and we’ve decided to give him Ted’s old phone.

First, though, we went to Krispy Kreme and bought all kinds of awesome doughnuts. They’ve changed the machine around a little bit and now you can see where the dough is mixed and then squirted out and watch it as it goes through the whole rising process. Besides how awesome super fresh doughnuts are it’s so cool to see the whole process!

Before Max bit into his first one, though, Ted gave him his new phone. Ted always has an elaborate, well-thought-out plan for how celebrations should go! I’m a lot more slap-dash. Max was so super excited! He thanked us several times throughout the day for his phone.

At home Max and Ted set up his phone even more than Ted did on his own. There were some apps that Max needed to weigh in on before set-up.

We went to Ford’s Garage for lunch. It’s a new burger place and their burgers look awesome on the menu! Unfortunately they didn’t really deliver on the flavor. The meat seemed to be lacking something, and they were a little overcooked, too. Oh well. We ran by Publix on the way home to get Max’s birthday cake. We talked over all the options and Max chose an Oreo cake that I make so we got all the fixings for that and headed home.

Ted and I took a nap; I think this is the worst jet-lag Ted has had for a while! Not long after we got up it was time to go to BWW for supper! When we got home it was time for showers and bed.

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