My boyfriend’s back!

Ted came home this morning! He’s totally whipped, so after visiting a bit he went to sleep and the boys and I did our stuff. Max finished school early! Whoppee! I went to wake Ted up and sat there rubbing his back and finishing up my book for probably an hour.

For lunch Ted had roast beef with rice and gravy and the boys and I had baked potatoes. That roast has such a good flavor; I can’t wait to have it again. Afterwards Ted and I took a nap, and then we walked around the park to help him wake up and get over jetlag.

Ted wanted pizza for supper so I made both kinds again. We watched the first part of Spiderman Homecoming, and then the boys got ready for bed. I really didn’t feel well after supper; my head was spinning for a couple of hours, but then I was fine.

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