The boys go to the dentist, and then Abracadabra!

I was heating up our roast with rice and gravy for lunch and Jack said I don’t want eat chicken! It’s so funny that he thought (?) it was chicken, but what an awesome thing that he could express what he wanted! So often he just goes along and nobody knows what’s in his head, it’s fun to see what he thinks even about just the small stuff. A little later he said are you playin game? to Max.

I saw this cool plant that’s climbed up a tree on a walk this morning.

Max finished school around 1:30; that’s more like it! And after lunch we played until it was time to leave for the dentist. They messed up our appointments, but were able to fit both boys in. I’d gotten 2 appointments at 4pm, and when I walked in they said that we’d missed Jack’s at 3:15! Whatever. They’re wrong, but I’m thankful we don’t have to go back! Max had a good bit of blood from the scraping, and Jack’s teeth didn’t even get scraped. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re doing such a great job like the technician said, or if she’s just not as thorough. I think it’s the latter…she’s the same woman who cleaned my teeth yesterday. It’s also been a year since we’ve been to the dentist…this is the first time we’ve ever missed an appointment, and I don’t plan on missing another one. So that even more makes me think Jack’s technician isn’t the most thorough.

It didn’t seem like it would be worthwhile to go home and eat a hurried meal before heading right back out for church so we went to Arby’s for supper. Then we made a stop at Publix, and then Abracadabra. Woot! It was time for church then, and when we got home the boys went right to bed and I read for a little bit and turned the lights off at 10:30.

Abracadabra goodness with jumpy castles in the background!

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