I went to the dentist

When I finally got Max out of bed I think it was 7:35. My alarm starts ringing at 7:20 and I definitely needed a snooze this morning! Then I called him a few times before he responded. Maybe we won’t finish school as late today!

Today is Kasia’s birthday, so I texted her. It was good to chat with her a bit!

It was pretty overcast this morning and cold, but the sun’s out now. The high is supposed to be 63 today, and 67 tomorrow before getting back into the 70’s and then 81 on Saturday.

I’m praying hard today that Jo hears something definitive on the business move situation. I’ve asked Mom and Jo, my girls and the Hoops to pray too.

We had nachos for lunch.

I realize now that the flonase is working; hallelujah! All that sneezing was really getting to me!

I went to the dentist today after I set up the boys with lunch: fried chicken, fries, salami, cheese and carrots. I don’t think my dental assistant did a super thorough job on me, but I don’t know that for sure. I didn’t get any x-rays like I expected to since they changed the law that you only need them every 18 months now.

After that was finished I went to 2 thrift stores but found nothing good. Then I headed to WM Neighborhood Market for cokes and cheese nips. At home I sent the boys to the playground for a bit. Max had finished school in time to play his whole electronics time already. Woot!

I’m working on my blog now and it’s so cool to see/remember our trip to Vegas!

When the boys got back Jack showered while I fixed supper: pizza and a salad with apple, parmesan, walnuts, oil and lemon juice. I played Uno with Jack while Max showered. When the boys were in bed I blogged some more, and crocheted a bit. I wanted something to watch while I flossed my teeth. I guess starting Olympus has fallen at 11 at night wasn’t the smartest move!

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