New dishcloth pattern

On our way home from church today we saw a RV bigger than ours stopped in the middle lane several cars back from the light. It was coned off and there was no one in the seats as far as we could see. Poor people!!

We had leftovers for lunch today: sliders, 3 bean salad, rice and beans, an apple and some scones.

After my nap we dropped Max off at church for the teen outing after church, and Jack and I went to Crown Fried Chicken. I had high hopes for this place but it was just ok; I won’t be recommending it. We went to WM for cokes and butter, and then to McDonald’s for Jack to play while we waited for Max to be done. I planned to read the whole time but ended up talking to Ted.

After the boys were in bed I finished my square dishcloth and now I have to see how it looks after I use it. It’s a pattern I’ve kinda made up from other patterns, starting with a circle and ending with a square. I made this up so I don’t have to count stitches after the first round or two. Then I started Tana French’s next book.

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