Gaylord Palms for a FedEx envelope

I finally turned the light off at 2:30am this morning, and boy did I sleep great after that! I woke up with my alarm and thought I heard Jack, so I called him to come get in bed with me. He was still in his bed playing on the iPad, wouldn’t you know it. But since he knocked over that stuff last night I figured I’d keep him where I can see him, and Max will get some extra sleep now, too.

When we were all ready to get up I sent Jack outside and had Max put up the dishes. I really need to mail Jo’s scarf, but Ted said I should go get a FedEx envelope for that. The Walgreens I went to didn’t have envelopes, of course, so I had to go back past the bus and go to Gaylord Palms. When we got there I saw that there was a charge for parking! I’m not gonna pay $35 just to walk in to get an envelope! I talked to the chick at the gate and she said the first half hour of parking was free. Jack and I went in and quickly found our envelope, and then we rode the escalator a few times just for fun.

While I was fixing lunch (leftover nachos from Laredo’s) Madison and Maddox played Legos in our yard with the boys.

I’m going through our photos of the Grand Canyon for my blog. Man! We’re so lucky!!! I can’t believe we’ve seen what we’ve seen over these last 2 years! I’m so grateful to God for giving us the ability and desire to do this. I love going through these photos (although I hate weeding them out…after this hopefully I’ll be a lot better at cleaning them out as I go along) and remembering the fun we’ve had!

Jack was making a cocoon for himself in the hammock today!

I made cranberry orange scones and 2 kinds of pizza for supper. I used a block of mozzarella that I sliced up, and think that’s gonna be my go-to now instead of the shredded kind. We’ll see.

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