Madison and Maddox at the playground

Max tackled his hardest unit first thing this morning, and he made a B on his geometry test. Yesterday on his geometry quiz he made a D. He has a review and midterm exam next Monday and Tuesday so I hope he keeps this up.

The boys had sandwiches for lunch while I went to Laredo’s and had nachos locos.

I want to make chicken and wild rice soup with the leftover IP chicken but the store was out of the right kind of rice, so I got some beef to try a new roast recipe I found instead.

Max finished school too late to play pool again but we saw Madison and Maddox at the playground so the boys played with them, and after I’d read there a bit I came back to the bus to read; it was pretty chilly today!

We had sliders for supper but I oversalted them. Yuck! I was using a steak seasoning and last time I undersalted them. I guess I’ll figure it out.

Tonight Jack dumped out my plant and earrings in the bathroom. I guess he was playing and swinging his clothes on the counter and knocked that stuff over. Since we’re not traveling I’m ready to be in a house where we have more room, and hopefully Jack can shower in his own bathroom! Living in the bus without traveling is not nearly as fun as it was when we were moving around and seeing cool stuff!

I finished reading my book during the night, and ended up going to bed after 2am.

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