Epcot, and our last day at Disney!

I slept till my alarm ring at 8:20, and then started getting everyone up. I saw when I raised the blinds that they’d moved the trailer! Hallelujah!

Ted left for his lunch at Chipotle with Eddie. I hope he has a good time! The boys and I had the last of the kale salad and baked potatoes. We watched The Carbonaro Effect while we ate.

When Ted came home we had a nap, and then we all left at 3:45 for Disney. Max and Jack went to get a DAS at Soarin, then to Club Cool for Cokes. Ted and I went to Mouse Gear to see about Jo’s scarf and to see if they could find anything to spend his money on. We didn’t have any luck, so we met the boys at Club Cool where Max got a blue birthday slushie. We all walked to China and Japan to see if I could find any gifts for my girls.

We realized as we headed out of the Lands that our Spaceship Earth fast pass had been changed to a generic fast pass; this worked out better for us, honestly. We got in line to ride Test Track, and the line was so super long! While we were in line Jack said oh my gosh so loud, and with such a long pause in the beginning of the last word that we all wondered how he was going to finish it! When we finally finished Test Track we went to Mars with our generic fast pass. I guess these are the only rides we’re going to do here our last time at Epcot; our last day at Disney!

The boys went back to Club Cool to get a last birthday slushie, and I went to China to buy the bags I decided on. We stopped for some photos on our way out of Disney for the last time.

We had thought we would eat supper at Epcot, but nothing was really calling us. We decided to go to Smokey Bones tonight, and it was pretty good. Ted got his usual burger with a fried egg on top, Max and Jack each got cheeseburgers and Max upgraded his fries to loaded french fries. I got the ribs with broccoli and a baked potato. My ribs were good and my veggies will be a good meal for another day.

We went home and went to bed. Ted thinks he’s getting sick!

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