Our last week of Disney!

We all slept late this morning, I finally woke Ted up at 9:30 and called the boys in for a snuggle. I planned to laze around and make a new recipe, cranberry orange scones, for our brunch before leaving for Disney. While we were lazing around though, Jennifer said that Rachel was missing Jack and they wanted to video call us. I’m never going to turn that down! What with one thing and another the scones were just coming out of the oven when it was time for Jennifer to call. When I realized that was going to happen I gave everybody a turkey stick so that we wouldn’t be hangry during our phone call.

When Jennifer and Rachel called Amy was there too! It’s so good to see my girlfriends. Ted had said he wanted to record Jack when he saw Rachel because he often has some really exuberant responses to seeing his favorite people. Little did I know that this whole phone call setup was a ruse! Jennifer and Amy had some surprising news: they’re coming here in three weeks and Ted planned for me to have a week off and stay with them in a hotel down the street! I’m so excited! I’m so blessed to have a husband who cares enough to let me have some time off from homeschooling every year, and so awesomely blessed to have girlfriends who want to spend their free time with me! Even with my exciting news Jack got to have a good little visit with Rachel.

Mike and Linda arrived today, so after our phone call and lunch I went outside to visit with them. I’m so glad they’re here; they’re such sweet people.

Later Ted and I walked to the office to get whatever packages we had there. Amazon has failed to ship our screen protectors for so long, but I think they might actually be in today. Also, Ted ordered a couch cover. I don’t think this thing can ever look nice, but it’s what he thinks is best, so we’ll see.

The boys and I noticed a few days before Christmas that the trash was piling up at the campground. There are now three trailers with trash bags piled high next to the dumpster! When we walked into the office it was almost as crazy! It looked like there’s only one woman (Carmen) working there and the packages are piled up all around the left desk. Ted and I looked at the packages without touching them to see if we could find ours while Carmen helped someone. There was an older lady sitting in a chair who saw us reading the names on the packages and she told us not to touch anything because Carmen would holler at us if we did! When Carmen overheard her say that she kindly said yes, please don’t go through any of those packages, I’ll help you in just a few minutes. We reassured Carmen that we weren’t in any hurry, and that we wouldn’t touch anything. As soon as the person Carmen was helping left, the grumpy old lady jumped up to make sure Carmen helped her next. When Carmen found the old lady’s box the old lady said I guess there’s nobody here to help me take this package to my camper? Off to the side Ted motioned to me that he would offer to help her out. Poor Ted! When he left carrying her heavy box I told Carmen that we weren’t in any hurry but I thought we had a package or two. She had mentioned that we couldn’t help her look or anything because there was a camera in the office watching her; I completely understand that they don’t want anybody who doesn’t work there to touch the packages, so I just stood back and to tried to describe the size of what I thought we were looking for. In the end we had one box that had everything in it. As we were finishing up and I was signing for the box she talked about how she just tries to stay calm even when others around her losing their cool, because you never know what the Lord has planned for you! I told her a tiny bit of our story and said the same thing as her, that we’re happier where the Lord wants us than where we want to go. It was nice to have a small visit with her like that.

When I got back to the bus and texted Ted we realized we passed each other on the way. The old lady lives right down the street from us! I was glad he didn’t tell her where we live. Ted started putting the couch cover on and I helped him fit it. It looks pretty good! Go Ted!

We left for our last day of Hollywood Studios then. We sent Max to get a DAS for the Slinky Dog Dash while we walked over to Star Tours. Jack was the rebel spy today! Next up was a snack, and I love the way Jack looked as Max poured all the rest of the powdered sugar into his mouth after their funnel cake!

Toy Story Mania was next, and then Tower of Terror. Then it was time for our last time on Slinky Dog Dash.

On the way out we stopped for a last Hollywood picture.

At home the boys got in the shower while we made supper: sandwiches and chips and dip. We also ate a little bit of chocolate bread house, and watched Age of Ultron while we ate. Jack went to bed before the movie finished, but the rest of us waited for the new year. When the movie was over there was only about half an hour left, so we watched Chopped until it was time. Then we stepped outside to watch a few fireworks. I’m excited to see what the new year brings!

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