For lunch after church I cooked the last of the kale, and we had that with sandwiches and some Fancy Yancey’s hatch chile cheddar. That stuff is so creamy!

After my nap and setting up the boys for their supper I left early to pick up Ted at the airport, and talked to Jo a long time. Ted and I went to Toasted for our supper date, where we both split the Southern Comfort (cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, housemade bbq sauce, mac and cheese) and the Angry Burger (chipotle cheddar, charred jalapenos, sweet tea, caramelized onions, sriracha). We ordered rosemary fries which were awesome and macaroni and cheese which was just okay. They also had regular fountain drinks, and a few fancy fountain drinks. I had set the boys up with the last of the pizza, oranges, and cheese and crackers for supper.

We liked both burgers, but I think we both liked the Southern Comfort best.

When we were halfway finished eating Max called with a shituation! I walked him through how to take care of it; I hope one day this won’t be part of our lives! When we were finished eating we went to Publix to look for some Cokes, and ended up going to Walmart for Cokes and groceries. Close to home I exited the toll road and the guy ahead of me was super indecisive and slow. At the last minute he changed lanes cutting in front of me, so I went to change lanes right behind him and ended up hitting a flexible divider! I’m so glad it was flexible!

At home we started to watch Stranger Things, but about 20 minutes into the first episode we realized that we have this season out of order.

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