Woodsby’s Countryside Cafe

I decided to take myself out on a date again and wanted to go back to my Indian restaurant but it had several low reviews recently; I think they were higher earlier this year. Instead I looked around at what else was out there and found a place near a thrift shop that had good reviews for chicken (or country?) fried steak. I headed out and talked to Ted on the way. I’ve been having trouble with the phone connection in my truck so he helped me troubleshoot that when I was sitting in the thrift store’s parking lot. When we were finished I found that though I was within the store’s hours they were closed. Jerks. I went right down the road and had an awesome chicken fried steak with an egg, home fries, and a massive biscuit. Then I went to the Salvation Army and Goodwill near our church. I didn’t find much, but bought a watering can, a Star Wars book for Max, and a book that Downton Abbey was based on. I hope I love it!

I talked to Ted on every part of my drive today, and things were going great, but then I mentioned that Mom is still considering a move based on outside factors, so I’m hoping that we can not rush into a house ourselves. This wasn’t new news to Ted, but now we’re at odds, and I hate that feeling!

I’ve hardly worked on my blog since I found out we’re going off the road, so I sent the boys out to the playground and worked on that for a while. I called the boys back in and we baked the chocolate bread house for a while. For supper we had leftovers and salad, and watched Fantasia.

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