Animal Kingdom without Avatar!

Max played his electronics before asking me this morning, and lost his cool when I asked him about it, so I had him put up all the dishes and make both their breakfasts. After they ate and we all got dressed Max and I rolled out some sheets of chocolate bread and baked them while Jack played outside. Max cut out some house shapes when the cookies were cool.

I made caprese sandwiches for lunch and they were ok, but not exceptional. I’ll have to work on that.

Max’s new game finally finished downloading at noon, so he played that for a bit before we left. I had a plan on how to fit most stuff in, but Ted called when I was driving so that messed with my plans a bit. In all we stayed at the Primeval playground for a while, rode Primeval Whirl (which Max liked more this time, and Jack’s bar didn’t unlock at the end!), saw the birds fly overhead, missed Finding Nemo, and skipped Everest and Avatar. By the time we got the DAS for Avatar we’d have had to kill around 3 hours to ride it, and there’s just not that much to see there when you’ve been to Animal Kingdom as often as we have. It’s a good problem to have, and we still have one more chance to see it!

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