Jack’s activity of late

This is what I found when I got out of bed this morning. Jack has been busy!

While we got ready for breakfast Max found out that a game he wants for the Switch is on sale, so I had him text Ted to get it for him and help him install it. We all played games then, and then for lunch we had ice cream, brownies, caramel and marshmallows. Healthy!

I went to get groceries then and told the boys they couldn’t play electronics while I was gone. Max is waiting on this game to download so he can spend his electronic time on that later.

When I got home the boys went to the playground while I talked to Ted. He got our pre-approval, but he’s frustrated I don’t want to rush into a house.

We had sliders for supper that I think I may have doubled the meat on…they were great!

And we saw a stink bug today!!!! I think it may have been a month since we’ve seen one! We’d just gotten up from the table and a minute or two later there it was crawling on the dinette table! Crazy thing!

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