Man, can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted! Ugh!

Jack had an upper GI exam a couple of weeks ago and the results were that there’s no anatomic abnormalities with his throat.  The were checking because of the reflux he continues to have (experience?). He’s on Zantac now, and it was just upped today. The pediatrician may want to do a swallow study.

One crazy thing about Jack having DS is all we have to go through. That GI was so cool to watch! They laid Jack down on a bed and had a huge arm come down over him, but not touching, and it basically took a video x-ray of his whole body (since it’s so small). It was so interesting to see all of his organs and bones just moving around. They fed him a bottle of barium and I saw the nipple in his mouth, and the barium going into his mouth, down his throat, back up his esophagus, and then into his stomach. Very cool. 

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