Maxisms from Germany

I jotted down a lot of things Max said while we were in Germany and am finally getting around to blogging them.

We watched a lot of TV in Germany…we didn’t have a car, and nowhere to go so we got pretty familiar with the Disney channel. Max liked "Donald the Duck".

He now says "Oh my gosh!" and "Oh my word!" pretty regularly and with an appropriate gasp.

When he’s on the phone with Tj and Tj tells him to give the phone back to me (or when I ask for it back) he tells me "You not talk, Mama, I talkin’ to Daddy".

He’s started saying "Let me have (whatever he wants but I’m not giving him) please."

We were walking down the hallway and passed a photo of some hot air balloons and he said "I’d like to ride in a big balloon". It really surprised me that he’d use ‘like’ in the correct manner.

This boy talks so much…and when there’s nothing else to talk about he asks me "What I’m doin’, Mama?". A couple of weekends ago on a Saturday morning (the 30th) Max had been his usual self at home. We got us all together about 10am and headed over to the BX to buy a phone I’d been trying to get for a week or so (it’s amazing how much harder it is to find time to leave the house when your older kid sleeps for a few hours each day and your second kid is breastfeeding every 4 hours…but that’s not complaining). When we got into the lobby of the BX Max asked for a snack and Tj told him no, and then when he fussed about wanting it Tj told him to turn around right in the stroller. It was about the second or third time we were using the new sit and stand stroller we just got. Max turned around and without further ado he threw up! A little got on Jack’s carseat, but most of it went on Max’s overalls and shoes. While Tj was going to get some paper towels Max kept asking me "What I do, Mama? What I do?" Poor baby! We cleaned him up a little and went back home and as soon as he was in clean clothes on sitting on the couch watching ‘Cars’ he asked for another snack. Heh.

One morning in Germany while he was jumping on the bed (another favorite pastime there) he stopped long enough to ‘type’ away on his computer "just like Daddy". The headboard had a flat edge a couple of inches deep and he typed there many a day.

He told me once "Leave me alone, please". If he only knew how many times I’ve wanted to say that to him!

I caught him sucking his thumb when it wasn’t naptime so I called him on it. He told me "Not see me, please".

We were talking about Jack being able to hold up his head and asked Max if he could hold his up…he said yes and held his head with his hands. Silly kid!

He adds -es to a lot of plurals…stuff-es, doors-es, cars-es.

Tj pushed him on the swing and he said so enthusiastically "Thank you, Daddy!!!". He really did have that many exclamations in his little high-pitched voice.

Jack was born on Tuesday. Wednesday when Heidi brought Max to see us at the hospital Max asked to hold Jack. Then he told us "When me’s gets bigger me can hold Jack". It was funny to see what things he learned from being around Heidi’s kids all day. He’d never called himself ‘me’ before, and never used ‘bigger’ in reference to himself, either.

He had his truck in his pocket and told it at one point: "Stay in yours pocket, be still!"

He’s often said to himself "Be careful, Max".

When he saw me feeding Jack (and after we told him to call my chest ‘Jack’s milk’, but that’s another story) "There’s Jack’s milk, there’s his two milks!".

Sometimes he tells me "Not say…." whatever he doesn’t want to hear…like naptime, etc.

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  1. Hi Ellen,
    Nice Maxisms and I loved your birth story. I’ve thought about and prayed for all of you often. I’m glad to see you back to blogging a bit. Hope that things are settling down.

    Talk to you soon,

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