Life in Turkey

Life is going really well here. It reminds me so much of Spain, although this feeling is wearing off the longer we’re here, naturally.

I love living on base. I know it’ll get old, but for now it’s fine. Our neighborhood is great, we can walk to church, a few parks, the library, everywhere!

The biggest drawback to living on base (at this point, anyway) is the limited shopping. We have one grocery store with about half of the selection and stock as a super Wal-Mart. It also houses the larger selection of cleaning/household/beauty supplies. I don’t like that many things (such as jelly and diapers I’ve noticed so far) are only offered in the name brand. I have some things I always buy name brand (ketchup and peanut butter, for example) but for many others I prefer buying the cheapest brand.

The clothing/shoe store here is also about half the size of a super Wal-Mart. Maybe this’ll help me cut down on spending on those things I really don’t need, and I can spend more on the real things Turkey has to offer. Before we came Tj told me that Turkey was the place to get leather, gold and rugs. Since we got here I’ve also found out that it’s the place to have furniture made, too. Some people Tj works with sold all of their furniture before moving here so they could get all new hand-made furniture. Huh. We bought new bedroom/dining/living room furniture but I’m compiling a list of a few things I’d like to have. So far I have toy chests for the boys (maybe a third one for me or the possible third child), a desk or two for me (I have two computers, one for upstairs and one for down), and some bookshelves. The bookshelves I’m almost most excited about…we have five bookshelves but they just have particle board for the actual shelves and with the amount of books we have, and just the fact that they’re not great shelves they won’t last too long. If we could get some made with solid wood that would last for many years and through several moves that would be great!

Our truck came in Wednesday and Max was so excited…I guess he misses ‘his things’. He just kept repeating ‘Mama’s truck is here’ at least 10 times and then he said he wanted to hold mama’s truck and went over and cupped both of his hands under the bumper…silly boy. He’s asked about some of his toys…his motorcycle, his bike, etc. I’ve just told him that they’re on a big big boat and they’ll be coming soon. He’ll be in heaven for a few days after we get our shipment, I’m sure. Speaking of which, we were told before we left Georgia that our stuff would be here no later than March 22…of course everyone here says their stuff arrived here late, so I’m not holding my breath. It’s just the same ole story, though. I’ve already gone out and bought a few things I knew I could live without for a month but no longer. No big deal.

Right now we’re living on borrowed goods. The Air Force has a lending closet of almost everything you “need” to live on for a month or more. We’ve borrowed a couch and chair, dining table and chairs, double bed (that’s the largest they have and boy, do I miss our king!), baby bed, changing table, desk and chair, and a large tub of kitchenware, etc. I’ve heard some stories of horrid furniture, but what we have is practically brand new!

Our house is really nice, I think we lucked out on the size. We figured we’d get the three-bedroom plan, but apparently we got the largest three-bedroom you can get. Of course it also looks bigger than everyone else’s because we just have the loaner furniture…we’ll see how it looks when all of our stuff gets here. The walls are plastered over concrete block which really helps block sound from the neighbors…we’re in a quad-plex…there are only 4 stand-alone houses on base. I’ve heard a few doors shut, but never voices…hopefully they can’t hear Max, either! Both of our neighbors are extremely nice and they each have dogs…they’re pretty quiet but I figure their occasional barking will even out the noisy neighbor score. Hopefully they’ll agree with me even when the new baby comes.

We’ve been researching where the new baby’ll be born and have about decided Germany. We originally thought we’d come back to the US…more to see family than for any other reason. But after doing our research we’ve found out it’ll be more expensive (the Gov’t will fly me to Baltimore and we’ll have to pay the rest of the way…three tickets), we’ll be away from Tj longer (three months or so), and even though Max did great on his 24+ hour commute to get here it’s kinda rough thinking of doing that twice more in such a short time. Ankara is about a 5-hour drive from here. If things got hectic with Tj’s work or I went early at least he’d probably be able to be there for the birth. The downside to there is that we’d have to hire a Turkish nanny we’ve never met to keep Max during my labor and delivery. Germany is a plane ride away so there seems to be more of a chance of Tj missing the birth; the docs aren’t willing to schedule an inducement until after I’m due…might not be a problem but you never know. Of course they should take into consideration the fact that Max was induced the day after his due date and was 9lbs. Maybe that’ll help our case. Also, someone from the base will be able to keep Max during labor and delivery.

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  1. Hey Ellen,
    Glad to know you’re back in the blogosphere!! Sounds like such an adventure! Can’t wait to hear more about Jack’s coming. Re: your concerns about pain, I don’t think you knew this but I had Caleb and David (the last two) without main meds. and Caleb was 9 lbs and David 8 lbs. It was fine. You can do it too!

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