Shoe tying

We were using the ‘What’ cards Jo gave us in school, so I asked Jack what does a chicken give us? He confidently answered hot chocolate!!! Heh.

We went to Smoky Bones for lunch today and I was not disappointed. Their ribs aren’t as good as TJ Ribs obviously, but they’re good on their own. Ted had an awesome looking burger with an egg on top, and the boys split a huge burger with pulled pork, bacon and a fried onion. I brought home my baked potato and broccoli for lunch tomorrow. We had Abracadabra for dessert. While we were at a stoplight on the way home we watched a semi make a u-turn! He was coming from the right and backed up once; I couldn’t believe that even with 3 lanes to turn into he could make it, but he did!

We all napped back at home, then Ted started the washing machine cleaning cycle. He showered and got ready to go and Jack and I drove him to the gate to meet his Uber. I called Jo and talked to her while Jack went to the playground, then I walked Jack back to the bus. I walked back to the truck and sat in it talking to Jo, and when we hung up I drove back to the bus. I didn’t want to turn the truck on and have it automatically switch my call over to it.

We had steak quesadillas for supper with some of that awesome fresh salsa…I’m gonna have to buy that more often! The boys ate the last of the mini moon pies we got from Cracker Barrel and we all had Nutella bananas for dessert. I guess I’m just too old to enjoy moon pies anymore. They’ll just have to be good in my memory (because they don’t taste good at all to me now!).

While I wiped out the washer Jack tied this shoe! All by himself!

In bed I meal planned, made a shopping list, and then went through photos till it was time for bed. My plan (for now) is to clean up all the photos from our life on the road, and then clean up my blog and insert photos going as far back as the beginning of this trip. That should make making photo books of this trip easier to put together. If I want to do more with my photos or blog after that I can, but that’s not my goal for now.

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