The Stabbing

Jack and I watched VeggieTales Lord of the Beans for church this morning while Ted and Max went to church. LotB wasn’t as much church as I thought, but it sure made me want to see Lord of the Rings!

I also finished up my blog finally! It feels good to have that all caught up from Boston now. I did several things around the house as well, and cooked some potatoes for Ted to make us fries tonight.

Ted texted me when they got in the truck and I started lunch: griddle sandwiches. We also had a banana with nutella for dessert.

After lunch we told Jack to take a nap in his bed; Ted doesn’t want to get sick since he doesn’t have a lot of sick time accumulated yet (after the dental fiasco). Jack definitely needed a nap, his eyes are red and his nose has run all day. Ted and I napped in our bed. When I got up I noticed a hole in the curtain on the boys’ bed. When I looked further Jack had gotten Max’s dagger out and stabbed all over!!!! OMW!! He stabbed the bed in 3 place, the mattress, both pillows and several of Max’s books! Looking carefully I don’t think he cut through any wires, thankfully. That little son of a gun! He’s always been so destructive! We sent the boys outside to play while I cleaned up what I could and taped Max’s Minecraft book back together.

At the beginning of our nap Ted got me a fast pass to Sorin for Moms’ Night Out in a couple of weeks…I definitely need it now!

Ted fried up all the fries for supper and we had some of them with our favorite mayoketchup recipe (a little more mayo than ketchup, and garlic powder), and some with parmesan and truffle oil. The mayoketchup wins in a direct comparison, but I think if we only set out the parm/oil fries we’d have loved them.

We finished up Avengers with supper, and played Uno while Max showered and played Phase 10 when he finished.

Ted and I watched Reacher when the boys were in bed. We finished the last of the chocolate caramels we got from Aldi…those were awesome!

I saw this quote this morning, but didn’t realize how hard I’d need it today!

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