Muffulettas and gluing the windows

Well, Jack popped his balloon today! Ted kept saying how bummed he was, but really, I’m surprised that it lasted this long!

I made us muffulettas for lunch with the Central Grocery olive salad again. This time we made it with Puerto Rican bread which was the best feeling bread I could find, but it really squished down. I wasn’t pleased with the taste; Ted thought it needed more oil, but I wonder if the bread was the problem? At Fam Camp I didn’t have enough olive salad, and here I feel like I put too much on, though I only put a layer on each bread. Obviously I’ll have to play around with it a bit to get it just right. The time I made it in Cabot with the other olive salad it was wonderful the first time, so I also think that could be the biggest problem.

We bought some gorilla glue at WM the other day so after lunch today Ted and I sent the boys outside and we glued the windows. Man, I hope that works!! Ted couldn’t keep his paws off, though; so if the one side window pops off we’ll know why!!

I made the meat for Korean tacos in the instant pot after the windows. When I was reading the recipe I realized that they didn’t put all the ingredients in the ingredient list! They had all the meat ingredients and the tortillas, but didn’t list the other fillings. Ugh. We’ll have this meal another day instead of for supper tonight.

We had leftovers for supper: pizza, sandwiches, zucchini, cranberry dip, and we finished off the chocolate covered crepes from Canada for dessert. The added sugar in the cranberries was good, but it still wasn’t wonderful liked I hoped with cream cheese and crackers. Ted melted some dark chocolate and mixed it with the cranberries and that was pretty good! We polished that off, too. We watched the first half of Avengers with supper.

It seems like Jack is sick now!! I’m finally feeling back to normal (I’m down to using Afrin once a day, if that), and now he gets sick? Poor boy. We’re considering his skipping church tomorrow since his nose is running like crazy and he’s not good at all at keeping it in check.

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