Animal Kingdom, and super short hair?

Max finished school at 11:45! Woot! We had roasted red pepper sandwiches (I love those, and Ted really liked them too!), with broccoli and cheese for lunch. Then I took a nap.

At Animal Kingdom we sent Max to get a DAS for Avatar while the 3 of us headed to UP! It’s the new bird show there. Max got there in plenty of time for us to go in together and get seats. It was a pretty good show, but I’d have liked more birds at a time. They had a condor (HUGE!!), a bald eagle, and a crane they named Frasier. Heh.

When the show was over we all got drinks as we walked to the Lion King. Ted keeps hoping we get picked for the family of the day again. I forgot that there was a fire twirler in the show! The guys on stilts and the acrobatic monkeys were just as good as I remembered, and the lady in the bird costume that swings from a cable in the ceiling was good too. It’s a good show, but I think we’ll enjoy it better if we let a month or two go by before we see it again.

When we got out and were walking to Expedition Everest it was cold! I guess the sun was going down, and we felt it for sure. We kinda waffled on just going home, but we’d already told Jack that we’d go ‘fly the birds’, so we hot footed it over to Everest and rode it…it’s such a good ride too. We hung around in the gift shop for a bit to keep in the warmth, and then headed over to Avatar.

At Avatar we had to sit with a seat separating us which was no biggie. That’s a great ride, too. I forgot how many different smells there are there. We looked around in the gift shop there, and I saw a lady with a super short haircut. It made me wonder if I could carry off that look, or if I’d look too boyish? I’ll have to look up some styles on the internet and see what Ted thinks.

We got home at 7:30 and were eating homemade pizza at 8pm. That’s not too bad for having to make the dough and cook the (frozen) chicken and everything right then. I didn’t rush, just worked constantly. I used jerk seasoning this time on the chicken, and while I like that stuff, it didn’t really work with this pizza.

Here’s my helper getting out some plates for me:

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