Paul and Terry

We did school today and finished on time. Jack drew an ironing board!

We ate lunch and then left to pick up Grandmom to go to Paul and Terry’s. They’re such sweet people! Paul’s taken up beadwork and had some beautiful pieces to show us. He also had the water pump toy set out for the boys to play with, and then he offered to let us have it! When I told Ted about it he said we didn’t have room but I think it’s awesome so we’re keeping it!

When we brought Grandmom home and were in her driveway Ted asked her to supper. It took a few minutes to figure out where but we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings. That place is so good!

When we got back to Grandmom’s we sent the boys outside and Ted asked me to broach the subject of her coming to live with us. She’s always said she couldn’t imagine leaving NJ, but this time she didn’t even hesitate; she’ll be moving in with us next year when we find a house!! Wow! It’s something Ted and I have always had in the back of our minds as a likelihood, but now that it’s a certainty it feels so different! She mentioned us looking for a place where she doesn’t have any steps to navigate, and we talked about finances for a bit, how much hers are tangled up with others’ there. Our lives are about to change! I’m excited to see how this works.

Back home the boys took showers and got in bed and then Ted and I looked at houses a bit before going to sleep.

Random Max craziness…see the darts that Jack threw narrowly missing Max’s noggin?!!!

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