Max’s four-month checkup

All went well today…of course I forgot to ask some things, but that’s just how it goes.

He weighed 14 lbs 8 oz (50th percentile), was 24 ¼ inches long (50th percentile) and his head circumference is 17 inches (she told me that was the 75th percentile, but wrote 50th percentile on my paper).

I stopped giving Max prune juice the 9th (about 2 ½ weeks ago), I’ve charted his poop since then. At the beginning everything was ok; he was pooping about twice a week. When I mentioned this to the ped he said that as long as the stool wasn’t hard that he would be ok, but that the maximum we could let him go without pooping was 5 days.

I forgot to tell the ped that he’d had another cold…but it was so slight…I don’t think he really needed to know. The ped also said that Max needs more belly-time. He set Max on his belly and Max started making a face…he’s been doing better on his belly since we came back from LA, though.

He asked me if I’d started Max on anything other than breast milk and I haven’t yet. Max is healthy and still sleeping a great amount…I don’t think he needs anything else right now.

It’s amazing to me now…it seemed like I would be tied to Max this closely forever. It’s only been four months and already if I want him to eat more/different foods he’s about ready! I’ve had such a struggle with realizing that I’m just not the same size anymore…I’ve gone up a dress size, and I’ve had to buy all new shirts, too! Somehow I never expected that. I guess I just never thought about not being able to button my old shirts. And since we want him to have only breast milk if I don’t pump a lot then I can only leave Max for four hours at a time. Now I know that that’s a lot of time to those people whose babies eat every two to three hours…but I’ve never been this tied down before.

And another thing that’s amazing to me is how much I want to be free now that I’m tied down. I’ve always been such a home-body, but I’ve always been able to go anywhere I wanted to go. Also, I’ve always dreamed about the wonderful bond I’d have while breastfeeding…how I’d gaze into my baby’s eyes the entire time and never be able to get enough of it. I do love it, but sometimes I just want to spend all day by myself. I guess that’s how dreams always are…never exactly what you thought they’d be. I’m really glad I’ve been able to give so much to Max…I don’t regret it at all…I just feel differently than I thought I would. I’m not wishing these days away.

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  1. Hey–I just stumbled across your blog and I’m really enjoying it! I wanted to share a wonderful remedy for constipation: flax oil. Mixing a teaspoon into a cup of juice or expressed breast milk is not usually noticed by babies and it works wonders. Full of omega 3’s, too. :) Great job on the breastfeeding!!

  2. Thanks for the advice…and Iím really glad youíre enjoying my blog.

    The crazy thing about Max is that heís not constipated. Every time he goes itís extremely watery. He still gets only breast milk so I donít know why this is happening. I guess itís just the way he is. And he never balks at the prune juice, either; I guess he likes it. My biggest problem is just remembering to give it to him.

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