A new cake recipe

Netty came and hugged me after church! Then we met up at the playground while our kids played and we talked and talked. It’s so much fun making new friends!

After I gave the boys lunch I went to the bed and then when he was finished eating Jack napped with me. I’ll probably stop making him regularly take a nap since he’s proven that he can be quiet when I’m napping; but since he was sick Friday (his eyes were so red that night!) I figured a nap was in order.

When I got up I sent the boys to the playground and then made a new cake I came across the other day. You put mandarin oranges in the batter, and mix pudding, pineapple and whipped cream together for the frosting. I thought it would be a light cake, but I did give it more frosting than called for and it was pretty heavy, so I weighed it. 4.755lbs!!!! Heh.

After our nap Jack got out of bed before me. I saw when I got up that he’d eaten a bunch of the frosting off the cake! Little devil!

I’ve stuck to my one-meal-a-day plan and it’s going well. The first day I didn’t eat anything until about 3:30, the next day it was about 4:30, and today I waited till even closer to 5pm. I haven’t noticed anything on the scale, but really, it’s only been a few days. The other reason I think I’m hanging out at 140 since the DC trip is that I haven’t been drinking much water when I’m not eating. I realized that this morning, but then didn’t want to drink during the service, and didn’t want to drink a lot just before a nap…so I’ll start tomorrow. It hasn’t been hard at all to not eat lunch, and I think a big part of that is reframing it in my head as I’m not going without, I’m just delaying my desires. I haven’t even really felt hungry. I know a lot of my eating is more that I like the taste of food than that I’m hungry. I want our family to eat meals together so I eat lunch and supper with them, but once I start eating I just don’t want to stop. It seems easier for me to not eat than to curb what I do eat. We’ll see how this goes.

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