Laziness and errands

This is another day that WordPress ate, but I actually left the house this day. I set the boys up and then went to Goodwill Outlet where my haul at 85 cents included: 1 small drawstring bag, 1 cute Liz Claiborne zip bag, 1 Turkish rug zip bag, 1 tiny Chinese snap bag, 1 Mickey Mouse keychain and a linen shirt. Woot!

I hit up Dollar Tree for a wire brush for my suede bag but there were only huge ones, so I’ll try another DT later. I went to WM for groceries for the week and then talked to Mom on the phone while I was shopping so I missed getting the cool whip for a new cake recipe I want to try out. I went to Food Lion for cokes and got the cool whip there. Then home.

I think it was yesterday that I started a new way of eating…one meal a day. I’m curious how this will go. I’ve joined a FB board about this and that’s giving me encouragement to try it.

There WordPress, was that so hard?!

Here’s a photo of Jack hiding under my covers.

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