Another down day; I could get used to this!

I took the boys to the pool around 10:30 this morning. It wasn’t as hot as I feared in the shade of the umbrella, thankfully. I was surprised at how long Max was happy to stay; I guess we left around 12:15.

I’m starting a new thing…intermittent fasting. I’ve been skipping breakfast for a good while now (unless something special is on the menu), so I think I’ll try to get close to one meal a day. Today I’m planning on not eating until 3pm. We’ll see how this goes.

I took a long nap after the boys ate lunch, and am finally getting my blog back up to date. I’m also trying to juggle meeting up with Laura and Nan, and Nichole F as well. And when I was looking up Laura’s address I saw that Andy and Kristine live just a couple of houses over!!! I wonder if she still lives there?

I had Max help me measure the height of the bus again today. It’s a couple of inches taller with the booster on the ladder, and I can’t find where I wrote down the height. It’s 12′ 6″, and I’ve got it in my bus notes now. Julie said they had a scare going under an overpass that was only about 2″ taller than they were. Ugh! Now that we’re in the east we really need to pay closer attention.

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