Off he goes….

Ted, Jack and I headed to the airport to drop Ted off for work. On the way home I looked up the WM auto center and they were open, thankfully. Jack and I tooled around WM while my oil was changed, and then we stopped by Popeyes…they’re running a special of 4 pieces of chicken for $5. Yes please! That plus salad was our lunch.

The boys went to the playground for a bit, and when they came back we realized that Jack’s lost his mirror. I’ve now made a rule he can’t bring toys to the playground. On our way back from going to look for the mirror I stopped and talked to the neighbor on our door side. He seems like a nice enough man. He did say that he kept his dog that had died in FL or GA on ice for 2 weeks so it could be buried here, just behind our campers. OK then. Maybe that has something to do with the mysterious blisters that Jack has gotten twice after he’s played back there. I don’t think I want to think too hard about that!

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