Bon Mi!!!!

It’s obvious now that Ted’s sick. Thanks Max! But I’ve been bugging him to go get a bon mi for so long that he’s going to today. We were going on a date, but now that he feels sick and Jack is obviously antsy we’re taking Jack. Both of us got our own bon mi, and Jack got a half of a grilled gruyere sandwich. Ted said I was right on with my recommendation…he said it’s the perfect sandwich! I snapped this photo in their shop.

After our wonderful lunch we went to the Goodwill Outlet and Ted found some write on wipe off envelopes for Jack’s school. I found another tablecloth that Ted’s not crazy about but I like, and Ted bought a DVD of Max. Heh.

We saw a Chic-fil-a so stopped in there for a bit for Jack to play. Then we headed to a WM supercenter because I really needed an oil change, but this one didn’t have an auto center! Doh! So we got groceries and went home; Ted was pretty beat by this time.

Ps. When Jack was helping Ted load the groceries into the back of the truck he dropped and broke the jug of milk! Ugh.

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