Natural Bridge, Appomattox and Julie!!

After we checked out we drove an hour to the Natural Bridge.

I was surprised that no one talked about George Washington carving his initials here. We read about that in the Weird Virginia book, too. The 3 of us looked for a minute for his initials and Max found them! They’re in that carved rectangle in the center here:

Ted found this cool inscription by Tolkien on a stone in the park.

The boys stayed behind while I walked a short trail and photographed some of God’s beauty.

Back at the visitors’ center we bought a jar of FROG jam: fig, red raspberry, orange and ginger jam. We drove about 1:15 hours and had lunch in Lynchburg at My Dog Duke’s Diner. Max, Jack and I split a caprese sandwich and the grilled pastrami reuben (hot pastrami, gruyere, sauerkraut, Russian dressing on rye); the caprese was the clear winner. Ted had the meatloaf sandwich (housemade meatloaf, mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, caramelized onions, provolone). Look at this cheeser!

Next we drove about half an hour to Appomattox, the Civil War surrender site. We learned that Appomattox Court House is the name of the village. The surrender actually occurred in the McLean house in Appomattox Court House. We watched a video in the courthouse about the surrender, and then we went where this girl showed us how they printed newspapers back then. Armies would carry their own printing presses to print newspapers and parole sheets and probably other things I’ve forgotten. When the South surrendered at Appomattox each of the Southerners was given a parole sheet so that they could safely get home and not be held as deserters.

Here’s the McLean house.

Then we drove to another playground for Jack, but the 3 of us stayed in the truck because it was blazing hot! Jack played for 10-20 minutes before he gave up and got in the truck with us. Then we drove over to a Campground to meet Julie and family!!!! I was super excited when I found out the other day that we would be able to see them! They’ve just started full timing and have had a time of it. On their first day of full-timing their roof covering came loose. And then on their way back to the dealership to have it repaired they blew a tire!!! Poor saps! We got to visit with them for several hours, and then we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant for supper. They have a 5th wheel with much more entertaining room than we have.

After we’d talked our heads off Ted finally said we should head home. We had 2 hours to go and arrived at our bus safe and sound close to 11pm. It was so worth getting home late to visit with them!

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