Skyline Drive and Luray Caverns

All 3 boys had breakfast in the hotel. As rinky-dink as it was they had bacon on the menu for breakfast! And those are pre-made eggs. Egg circles. They don’t look natural but Jack had one and he’s fine. Mostly.

Here he is with his beloved ironing board. He should be in heaven with all the ironing boards we’ve seen this week!

Because it’s so near Skyline drive we saw many hikers, and there was a hiker box in the lobby with blankets and yoga mats and other stuff for hikers to take. We checked out around 9ish and drove Skyline Drive with several stops for overlooks and pictures. Ted told us about how his mom would take them on this drive when he was a kid. At one point during our drive Ted asked Jack if he could hold his hand for a lite bit and Jack said Umm, maybe…….drive. Punk!

We went to Luray Caverns next. I said I wouldn’t take many photos but I lied. This is a body of water only an inch or so deep which perfectly reflects the ceiling.

I just thought these photos were neat.

Don’t these look like forests stacked on top of each other?

Here’s the stalacpipe organ that has mallets that strike the stalactites to make music.

And a wishing well.

And a rock formation that looks like a sunny side up egg.

After we finished at Luray Ted found us Triple Crown BBQ. It was a tiny little place but the pulled pork was wonderful. Max didn’t want anything but Cole slaw. You know he’s not feeling good when that’s all he gets! There was a BK across the street with a playground, so I dropped Ted and Jack off there while I ran into the nearby WM for M&M’s. When we got back into the truck we headed another hour away to see the natural chimneys. The office was closed for the tractor parade! It was over by the time we got there but we saw them driving around. The boys played on the playground there a bit, and then we drove half an hour to our last hotel where we checked in around 5pm.

We went to Mill Street Grill for supper. Jack and I shared prime rib, Ted got ribs and Max had a cheeseburger. On the way home I saw the giant watering can and flower pots from the Weird Virginia book we looked at at the Campground. I made a couple of u-turns so I could snap some photos.

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