Go Jack! It’s your birthday!

I’ve noticed lately that Max’s voice is pretty creaky when he talks a long time, like during Bible reading. I don’t notice it too much throughout the day.

I took Ted to work this morning at 10:30, and on my way back home I stopped on the airport road as a mama duck crossed the road with her 4 little ducklings! So sweet!

While Jack was in the bathroom this morning (with the door open like usual) Max said ‘go Mama’ about something, and then Jack piped up, “Go Max, it’s your birthday, Jacob!” Neither of us could figure out what he was saying at the end until he repeated it a few times, it was coming out like Jaco. Then he said, “Go Jack, Go Jack, it’s my birthday, June.” Heh, crazy kid.

We had a late start to school today; since we would already disrupt school to bring Ted to work we decided to start late, and to watch a ‘What’s in the Bible’ for church, finally.

I mentioned to Max early in the day that if every day he did 2 extra units he’d finish school a week early! This led to several painful discussions of how he’d go about that, but since we started school late he was already ending school late, and whining about not having enough play time; so in the end he just decided to only do today’s school.

We’ve decided to give Max a little more freedom on the internet. He has a school project concerning nutrition and fast food, so we told him we were allowing him to look up school info himself. So far Qustodio is doing a good job of letting us know where he goes on the web, so I’ll just keep up with monitoring and see where that gets us. I pray we’re raising a godly man who makes good decisions.

I had an easy day today; cleaned out the fridge, made a list of things to do now that we’re settled a bit, and laid out on the hammock a lot.

Jack and I played his favorite game, Suspend, after his shower tonight. He’s a fun kid; I get tired of this game, but never of his laugh when he causes the whole thing to crash down. He slaps his pieces here and there, and more often than not his pieces stay on longer than ours do.

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