Istanbul Shish Kabob Buffet

We left just before 10 this morning! Woot! Ted didn’t even hook up the sewer last night after the oil change so we just didn’t make the boys shower and we should be fine till we get to the new place tonight.

Max finished his school before 11! It took him just under an hour to finish a full day’s worth of school, and he got 3 A’s and did a day’s worth of the 2 projects he was assigned. Crazy! We did school today so that when we don’t have to drive tomorrow it can be our Saturday.

According to Google we got to the base around 3pm. Not long before we got here it was funny to see the hand lettered signage on the road stating ‘road ends 1000ft’.

When Betsy came over to check us in it took us a few minutes to straighten out how long we were staying and to get payed up. It’s a beautiful place! Trees are everywhere; our bus is completely in the shade. Every site is completely concrete, and it’s pretty level, too. No sinking into the ground like we did in Kissimmee.

The only negative so far is the super low water pressure; hopefully getting a new regulator will help out. The boys went to the playground while Ted and I set up the bus and then we headed out to eat. Ted found Istanbul Shish Kabob Buffet. We’re usually hesitant about buffets, but this one was great! Each adult got 2 kabobs and each kid 1, and we all got access to the buffet. We picked 4 of the 5 kinds of kebabs to try out, chicken, steak, ground beef and shrimp; the steak was the best and the chicken was super good too, the beef and shrimp were good. The buffet was really nice, too; lots of salads but several main dishes as well, and a pita toaster that they kept up with ok.

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