Mississippi Chicken and Spaghetti

We have our second financial advisor’s call today after lunch. I’d hoped to go see about getting my hair ‘fixed’ today, but I bet there won’t be enough time. I’m just gonna go in there and if I see the girl who messed up my hair or a manager I’ll say I wasn’t happy with my cut, and the girl knew it, and would they be willing to fix it? I’m not planning on paying for another cut at this point, but we’ll see how it goes when I’m actually there.

I made Mississippi chicken and spaghetti while Jack was writing his spelling words. So we did school and ate lunch, and then the call took more than 2 hours! That’s so long, but it feels good to sort of have a handle on our future. I know anything could happen, but we’ve done the best we can do and I’m leaving the rest up to the Lord. The boys were awesome…Max took Jack to the playground for half an hour or so, and then they came back and played Legos outside while we continued to talk. In the time after the call and before church I planned more of Max’s school; we’re so close to the end now!

We also planned a litte bit of our travel future. We debated going to Memphis since it looks like Ted will have a long reserve there. I want to go so we can visit our friends, but then it might still be so cold that it’ll be hard to leave the bus. Who knows, though, it’s so far away and everything always changes. We’ll probably go up the coast a bit and stop there while Ted goes to work.

After church I had popcorn for supper and Ted had a sandwich; just a few more days of soft diet for him!

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