October 2018

Max didn’t finish school but we went to Mom’s around12:45 anyway because I was hungry! Lunch was soup and salad with steak in it; yum! After lunch Pawpaw and Max headed out for 2 hours until 4, and then he had 2 hours to do school before it was time to get ready for church. For supper we had lots of Mom’s veggies.

Why do campgrounds put up such odd numbers for their speed limits?

When we came home I was so tired and ready for the boys to get into the bus. Max opened the door and then didn’t go in…I was a step or two behind him with arms loaded with stuff, and annoyed that he wasn’t going in! After we got in he said he’d heard someone talking in our bus and that threw him off for a second until he realized that it was our new walkie talkies! When their batteries are dying they say to recharge out loud. Heh.

We got out of bed around 9am. Ted cooked the bacon we bought at the steak store, and we were disappointed that it was just fine, not awesome. Oh well, it’s still bacon! While we were doing school a bird flew right into the window! I’m glad it was closed!

Around noon we headed to Mom’s, stopping at WM for buns first. Ted cooked our lunch burgers perfectly! Mom made all the fixings for them while I cut up the last of the Cabot cheese.

We all hung around today, and Jo came over for an hour or two in the afternoon. The boys had sandwiches for supper, then we dropped them off at home for showers and bed and I took Ted to work, getting home around 10pm.

We got up and headed to Gran’s, getting there around noon. She was cooking squash with sausage, cabbage and broccoli. We visited while she cooked and the boys played inside and out for a bit. Lunch was the leftovers we’d brought along with her veggies.

Jo came over with her boys around 5, and Ted started cooking us steak for supper. We were so disappointed that they weren’t as wonderful as they’d been when we ate them two days ago. Boo.

Jo brought a cheesecake sampler for dessert, and the boys had some of the pumpkin roll from Sara Lu. Mom had a jar of lemon curd that we put on the plain cheesecake and it was great!

We left for home around 8pm. After showers Ted and Max played, and I watched The King’s Speech before bed.

I’ve been waking not long before my alarm at 7:30. We’ve decided to not leave until the store down the street opens, so we lounged around in bed a bit. We had Krave and Reeces for breakfast, and then finished packing while the boys were at the playground. When we were finished packing we drove by the boys and told them to go home, and we went and bought steaks for us and Mom/Papa/Jo.

By 11:40 we were on the road and I was blogging. There’s not much to write about our trip. At 5:40pm Ted and Jack were checking in. I’d been saying we wouldn’t see Mom and Papa today, but Ted and Max thought I’d be caving in and want to visit tonight. I figure we have 10 days here so we should rest this first night. So we did.

Greg fixed Jack’s flag last night, so I sent him this photo this morning:

We planned to gas the bus up on base, but as luck would have it they were working on the gas pumps, so we went to the Pilot Ted found about 20 minutes down the road. He asked me to drive ahead to assess the route; with the air show today we’re a little worried about traffic onto the base. We left at 9am, probably the earliest we’ve ever left. The serpentine out the back gate seemed tight, but since we weren’t connected Ted found it easy enough. I was supposed to skip the first road Google suggested (per the Hoopers’ suggestion because of base traffic), but then I missed the road I should take! Ted thought I’d gotten the right place, but the road I was on was so tight I was worried about him. And then my phone wouldn’t connect to the truck so I pulled over in a parking lot and restarted the truck 3 times to reconnect: no dice. Ugh. I was stressed that I wasn’t helping Ted at all, and I think he was stressed thinking I was worried about how to get to our meet-up point. I wasn’t worried about me at all, just annoyed that I’d become a hinderance instead of a help. He was fine, he made the turn he wanted, so I gave up trying to connect my phone and just put it on the dash and used Google Maps the old way. Ted thought Google would send me a completely different route but we met up just a mile or two down the road on 440 and you should’ve heard Jack scream with excitement when he saw the bus coming around the curve on the overpass to our left! I had Ted on speaker and he could hear Jack’s scream! Once I was on the highway and had no turns in the near future I restarted my phone at Ted’s suggestion and then it paired with the truck no problem. I hung up with Ted after a while and called Grandmom to catch up with her.

We met up at the gas station in Memphis, and then parked and I made hot dogs for our lunch. While Ted drove I started crocheting a pink basket. I’d just mentioned to Amy that I only make washcloths these days because it’s just easier to start and stop them since there’s really not much counting; and then I remembered that I had directions for a basket with a square bottom that might be easier to make. I had to restart it a few times, but after I got going it was easy to do mindlessly.

We got to the campground and had a problem with the electricity not wanting to connect because of over amperage. Ted talked to the campground about it, and googled it while he waited for the electrical guy to show up. He decided after they talked that it shouldn’t be a problem, so we plugged in tonight without the surge protector.

We’d decided not to unhook since we were in a pull-through and so tired, but Barney, the guy who led us to our site (and who liked to talk and joke a ton) told us that the little grocery down the road sold steaks, etc. from the farm and cows we could see just behind the campground. We got set up, left the boys at the bus and headed to the grocery for some steaks. Those steaks were the best we’ve ever eaten!!! I couldn’t believe how awesome they were! The flavor was amazing! If the store had been open still we’d have gone back for more, but now we have to decide if we’ll stay late to get more in the morning before we leave.

Because we were here for just one night we had the boys sleep on the dinette and couch, and everyone was in bed by 7pm!!! Ted went to sleep pretty soon after that, but I used my new earbuds connected to the computer to watch Victoria and Abdul. We could only get one earbud to connect, but it was cool that Ted could sleep and I could watch my movie without disturbing him!