August 2018

We slept late, and then I sent the boys out to the playground before it started raining and I made
cinnamon rolls. They ended up being for lunch instead of breakfast; Ted worked on our next route/stop while I was making the rolls so I’m using him as an excuse as to why it took me longer than usual. Although really, it’s not usual that I make them, sooo….

When he came home I had Max bring in the hammock because it’s supposed to rain off and on until we leave; I’d rather not have to wait for that big ole thing to dry out if I can get ahead of the game. Ted is pretty stressed about finding our next place; it’s always a bit of a struggle, and Boston is looking like a no-go again. I think he worries too much about making me happy with where we’re going when I’ve told him a million times that I’ve been happy with every place we got, and I understand that we’re beggars not choosers when it comes to our route. Maybe he just likes driving himself crazy about this like I drive myself crazy about Jack. Huh.

After we ate cinnamon rolls we started school. When Jack was mostly finished I took a nap, and when I got up the boys went out to play again because the rain had stopped. There are so many people here that there are lots of kids to play with. School around here starts soon so people are out having their last fling!

We played some card games, and I made us burgers finally with some awesome Wegmans ground beef. Man, those are awesome! I’ve stopped putting so much on my burgers, just meat, salt, cheese pretzel bun, bbq sauce and a little mustard.

I called Jo and we chatted a good while tonight. Jarod has been suspended for hitting, and he’s been having other trouble. Of course she’s wondering if it’s related to Ted having a different house and a new woman living there. Poor kiddo! After that call I watched a little of the Dateline show with Jamie Foxx and his sister with DS. He literally said that she taught him how to live!!!! Lol!! We’ll have to tell Hooper that when we see him next.

We did school today and finished on time. Jack drew an ironing board!

We ate lunch and then left to pick up Grandmom to go to Paul and Terry’s. They’re such sweet people! Paul’s taken up beadwork and had some beautiful pieces to show us. He also had the water pump toy set out for the boys to play with, and then he offered to let us have it! When I told Ted about it he said we didn’t have room but I think it’s awesome so we’re keeping it!

When we brought Grandmom home and were in her driveway Ted asked her to supper. It took a few minutes to figure out where but we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings. That place is so good!

When we got back to Grandmom’s we sent the boys outside and Ted asked me to broach the subject of her coming to live with us. She’s always said she couldn’t imagine leaving NJ, but this time she didn’t even hesitate; she’ll be moving in with us next year when we find a house!! Wow! It’s something Ted and I have always had in the back of our minds as a likelihood, but now that it’s a certainty it feels so different! She mentioned us looking for a place where she doesn’t have any steps to navigate, and we talked about finances for a bit, how much hers are tangled up with others’ there. Our lives are about to change! I’m excited to see how this works.

Back home the boys took showers and got in bed and then Ted and I looked at houses a bit before going to sleep.

Random Max craziness…see the darts that Jack threw narrowly missing Max’s noggin?!!!

This morning Ted asked me to go to breakfast in the hotel for adult company. Later Jack asked me to take his photo when Ted was getting ready, so here it is. It cracks me up…Jack wants to be such a helper so he got Ted’s shoes out, but then he put them so close to his feet it becomes about like a booby trap!

When we were ready we checked out and went to Grandmom’s so Ted could finish setting up her online banking from her phone.

We got home around 11:30am and it wasn’t nearly as hot as we expected it to be. We dropped the boys off at the playground and came to the bus and immediately turned the a/c’s on. I started setting out meats and cheeses for lunch, and saw that the hamburger we bought for burgers the other day was gray. Whomp whomp. I guess we’ll have Mexican salad for supper since it’s not out of date, just not as good as it would’ve been if we hadn’t abandoned our bus for 2 days.

We did school and had a regular day, but when we it was getting close to church time Jack complained twice that his stomach hurt. I never saw any evidence, but he wasn’t trying to avoid something I was telling him to do, he was just playing, so I think his stomach actually hurt, I just don’t know why. We stayed home from church since he wasn’t feeling well.

After supper Ted and Max stayed up playing Fortnite.

I’ve been trying to catch up on laundry and realized someone (Jack!!) stole a hand towel from the hotel! Doh! Guess we’ll be stopping by there one day when we visit Grandmom. Speaking of laundry, one day recently I was telling Max how to start the laundry but he couldn’t find the laundry soap, there was only detergent. What to do??!!


Ted and the boys went to breakfast. We started school and Jack did awesome with his reading comprehension. The story he had was focusing on the -ot family and for the first time ever he found every word with -ot and circled it! When we were about halfway through we headed out for a walk around the hotel. I figured while we were here we would probably swim a bit, but the pool was gross. The deepest part was 4.5′ and you couldn’t see the bottom; the hot tub looked clear but there was a bandaid floating in it! The hotel was great in every other way, though, thankfully.

At 11:20 I left to pick up Grandmom for her eye surgery. Ted wanted me to be able to watch her surgery this time like he got to last time. After she was sent back I was reading magazines and waiting for them to call me to watch. The TV noise got to where it was louder than the home decorating show verbiage that was on. The receptionist started asking around if that was someone’s phone, but it wasn’t mine. After a minute of her walking around and checking each person we realized it was Grandmom’s phone! I had her purse on the floor at my feet and her phone alarm was ringing to remind her to take her eye drops. Heh. I watched her surgery; it’s amazing how rough they were with her eye. They shoved needles in and around in her eye, sucking out all the cataract I guess, and then inserting a new lens. Amazing what they can do these days!

When she was finished we drove to the hotel and got the boys for lunch. We ate at Sage Diner where the boys got burgers, I got crab cakes because Aunt Dolly always said this place had the best crab cakes, and Grandmom got fried clam strips.

We dropped Grandmom off at home so she could rest and we went back to the hotel to rest ourselves. Just as I was snuggling down to take a nap Johnny texted that he was finished! We left Max at the hotel because Johnny’d already told us we wouldn’t be able to run the a/c until late again, and headed out to wrap up our roof stuff. Back at the hotel Ted ordered pizza for the boys, I was still pretty full from our late (3pm) lunch. I watched a bunch of episodes of Chopped and then when Jack went to bed Max and Ted played Fortnite. I’m so glad they have something they enjoy doing together! At his request we put the ironing board by Jack’s bed for the night.

The roofer got here about 8:10 this morning. He said Ted didn’t need to stay with the bus, so he’s coming with us! I’d planned to go to Atlantic City with Grandmom but Ted says the beach will be too crowded this last Monday before school starts here. We decided to go to DE so we can mark it off our list, but nothing that I’d planned to do there is open on a Monday!! Grrr! We talked a while while the boys got ready and after much back and forth finally decided to go to PA again and see the things we had left on our list.

When we parked and got up to the Visitor’s Center Ted said, well, first thing, I’m hungry. Ok. So. He found us a place that looked good but it turned out so hot it was impossible to enjoy! If only we’d figured that out before we ordered we could’ve gone somewhere else! Instead Max got the Caesar salad, Grandmom had the Greek salad, Ted had the buffalo ranch wrap, Jack got the Cubano melt and I had the gobbler (turkey, swiss, bacon, avocado, roasted pepper and Russian) with a wild tart cherry ginger kombucha. I really think I would’ve enjoyed my sandwich but my face started turning red it was so hot in there! Jack’s sandwich tasted the best to me; but I hope I’ll never go back to a place so hot!!

These photos are of the boys in the Visitors’ Center:

Next was the Ben Franklin Museum. Ted didn’t really want to go here, or anywhere for that matter. He just needed a place to get some daylight and walking in so he could overcome his jetlag! It was a small museum, but it had such interesting things about the many inventions Franklin came up with or helped along during his life.

It was so interesting to see parts of the foundation of his house from 1763. This is not the most interesting of the foundation parts that were saved, but it’s the only one I got a photo of.

Then we saw the Betsy Ross house and Ted really didn’t want to go there. What didn’t help matters any is that while we were paying for our tickets this Asian dude just stood there watching us. As soon as we got our tickets he crossed into the paid area, and proceeded to follow us along every step of the way! After several rooms of Ted and me making big eyes at each other at this only other patron following so closely along in the cramped rooms I took a picture of the dude. Here he is in all his glory. He never said a word to us, but he was right there with us every step of the way. When we finally exited he went to the table outdoors where his wife (?) was sitting and spoke to her in their language, and then they walked away. Curious!

As we were heading to the car Ted spied the Mint and we remembered that I’d said we were definitely doing this today. We went through security and then sent Max to the top floor to see if the machines were running today; and they were! We got to see lots of pennies and quarters riding along in their conveyor buckets, and sheet metal being fed into the cutting presses. So much fun!

I told Grandmom a million times that I would drive anywhere there in Philly to pick her up if she was tired of walking but she kept insisting that she could walk to the truck. Finally we told here that Ted would stay with her while I got the truck and that settled her. When Max and I had seen enough we headed off to the truck and texted them when we were outside the Mint.

Ted was feeling ice cream. Well, really, we all always want ice cream. I found us a little place with Thai rolled ice cream halfway to Grandmom’s house and it was perfect! Ted got some chocolate peanut butter, the boys and Grandmom got chocolate, and I got coconut lime ice cream. It was wonderful! I added strawberries, bananas and chocolate on top and it was the best! Actually Abracadabra is better, and Jack has asked for that several times, but for second best this place might be it. We took Grandmom home and then went to Wegmans for hatch cheddar cheese. Jack wouldn’t obey Max there, and on the way to the bathroom to have a serious talk with Jack I saw a woman with an older boy with DS. A little later I saw them in the bread aisle and went up to talk. I met Charlie who told me he was 40. As I was reeling from the fact that he was almost my age his mom told me he was actually 25 which made me laugh so hard since I’ve been struggling so much with Jack and math. We visited a bit and she told me that Charlie’s the 2nd of 7 kids. I had so much fun talking to her! Maybe when we get a house we’ll find some friends with DS. Who knows?!

When we got home the roofer, Jimmy, was still here. He’s saying he thinks he’ll be finished tomorrow; a day early! It was super hot, and since he stayed longer he figured we shouldn’t turn our a/c on until 11pm. That was crazy talk! We’re going to a hotel! The boys were at the playground so we packed up some clothes, put all the cold food in the fridge and got the heck out of there!

On the way to the hotel we stopped at 5 Guys for supper; I got fries and a chocolate shake. We were exhausted and crabby. We took showers and hopped in bed; lights were off for the boys at 10:40 and I wasn’t far behind.