May 2018

Jack woke me up earlier than I wanted to be awake today. Ted and Max slept on, but I went outside to bring the hammock cover in. It’s been raining every day and that thing’s been soaked for who knows how long. It was 80% dry so I’m gonna leave it hanging over the door over the dehumidifier and leave that running until the cover is completely dry.

Jack said, “Hey Max, what chu playing with your computer?” Heh. Several times he’s done this, asking and answering the question in 1 sentence. Sweet boy. Later he said, “My face are clean!!”

I made funnelcake for breakfast this morning. After we ate Ted and I worked together (and it didn’t kill us, but almost) to figure out our next place. He’s stressing about July 4th, and that’s a reasonable stressor. Fortunately we found and booked a place through the 4th. Crisis averted!

Then I took a nap.

For supper Ted made crab cakes from Alton’s book. They were good, but not as wonderful as the broccoli sandwiches he’s made from the book. Sigh.

We finally went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate the end of school today. It’s Max’s favorite place to eat, and I love their wings and fried cheese curds myself.

On the way home we stopped at WM for some groceries. Max took Jack to the back for some milk, and then Jack threw a fit that Max didn’t let him hold the jug so he threw his squid up in the air and it landed on top of a shelf behind the sign!!! Max came to the front to tell us, so I went back there to handle the situation. I asked a worker there if it would be easy enough to get it down and it was, otherwise I was prepared to leave it as a lesson for Jack. I definitely didn’t give it back to him, and probably won’t let him have it until tomorrow.

We stopped at the commissary for a few specialty items, and then realized I should get my haircut gift card now. On the way to the BX Kay from church recognized me and called out hello from her van. We’ve hardly been here any time at all and already we have friends. Fun!

We went home and after unloading I hit the Goodwill Outlet and came home with 2 silpats, a Ken Ham book, and a cute bag for $0.87 total. Winner! I went next door to the regular Goodwill and found Jack a new Star Wars toiletry bag for $1.

I forgot it was church night and had plans for hitting up lots of Goodwills, but Ted reminded me early enough to go home and make supper for the boys before we left. At church we sat with Mrs. Kay and her husband.

We drove back to SC today. I left my Mickey earrings for Jo…I don’t think anything can make her feel better, but that’s got to help some!

Ted found us a home style place for lunch called Red Shed Diner. I had a meatloaf sandwich (which was awesome), Ted had a burger with bacon and an egg. I ordered tomato pie for Jack (I thought it was ok but Ted really liked it), and he had my mac and cheese side too. Our meals were so big that we had no room for dessert, and when I mentioned that to the owner (?) she said they always gave samples of their buttermilk pie to first timers, so we went home with 2 pieces of pie! Nice!

When we were about an hour from our exit we saw a billboard for the alien welcome center! Ted did not look excited at all when I exclaimed that we should stop and see it, but he didn’t say no either. So we drove 9 miles off the highway and saw this:

I laughed so much. I don’t think anyone else thought it was as fun (or funny) as I did. Sticks in the mud!

I texted Tiffany that we were on the way back and were gonna drop the boys off at the playground. She offered to come meet us, so we had a fun visit. I’ve made such a quick, great friendship with her. Mom offered her an apron so I gave it to her there…I think she really liked it.

We went home after half an hour or so, but I wasn’t hungry at all for supper. Ted was hangry so he went out to eat. After the boys were in bed I had my big texan, Doritos and a coke for supper.

Ted cooked steaks for everyone, and for sides we had mashed cauliflower, brussel sprouts, 7 layer salad, deviled eggs, bread and dipping oil, with brownies and ice cream for dessert. The brussel sprouts weren’t bad, but I don’t think I’ll ever love them.

After Jo went home Ted, Mom and I went to walk. The boys came too. It’s nice when Max comes so he can keep an eye on Jack while Mom and I (and this time Ted) talk.

Mom and Papa left early for church; they drive the bus route and pick up all the kids. As the boys and I were leaving for church Max and I had a run in that couldn’t be ignored. He told me that I had made him the way he was, that his faults were my fault basically. I told him that I could do things to his outside, but what comes out of his mouth and his actions are all his responsibility.

We still made it to the church on time after we sorted that out, thankfully. I sat with Mom’s friend during Sunday school, and with Mom during church. Jack and I left at the invitation to go get Ted from the airport. We had a lot of fun while we waited watching the airplanes landing and taxiing. I’m so glad Ted’s a pilot!

It was after our normal lunchtime when we got out of the city so Ted picked Williamson Bros BBQ for our lunch. He remembered us going there several times when we lived here, but I didn’t remember it until we walked inside. I had the brisket and Ted had the ribs. I think I won this go round. Back at Mom’s exit we stopped and got Wendy’s frosties.

Mom leaves at 4:30 for evening church, and they took the boys. Ted and I washed his clothes and made 2 Giradelli’s brownie mixes for tomorrow. Ted followed the ‘make it taste like it didn’t come out of a box’ method, and I followed the box directions except for adding pecans. Mine won! They were superb. We need to buy some of these brownies for sure.

When Mom and Papa got home Ted and the boys had sandwiches, Mom and Papa had salads, and I had french bread and the oil Ted brought us from Milan. He brought back 6 bottles, so now we get to decide how to share them.