April 2018

I realized this morning that I slept with my wedding ring on! My finger has been fine these last few days; I hope I didn’t just mess things up! Before we got out of bed Ted and I made fast passes for tomorrow in case our movie plans fall through. Jack was talking about Epcot this morning, calling it Ecopt; heh.

We finished school and I made a new recipe, Dragon Noodles, for lunch. It was pretty good, but I think Ted liked it more than I did. It’s always easier to be more critical of your own cooking.

We headed to Epcot then, and our first fast pass was Test Track; Jack loves this ride! I could hear him laughing from the 2nd row. Then we got a DAS for Soarin and went to The Land where I realized I was missing my Mickey Mouse earring! One of them had fallen out, probably somewhere in the park. Poop! We had to hurry to Serveur Amusant so we didn’t have time to look for it or ask anyone about it either. Boy am I bummed! Serveur Amusant was awesome, though. We got a great spot in the shade, and that guy was amazing. He stacked a lot of chairs up and then climbed up and balanced on his hands. Amazing!

We walked around a bit while Ted tried to find something to eat, but then I found the cronut again! I got one for me and one for the boys to split; we ate them at the nearby playground that we hadn’t seen this whole 4 months in Disney!

Next it was time for Mission to Mars, and then we rode Soarin. We started to head home for supper but Ted decided he wanted a hamburger, so I headed back to Canada for poutine. I got regular poutine and their special poutine; I liked the regular one and Ted liked the specialty. We headed home then, forgetting that we were going to make Max go through the butterfly house here. Oh well.

We got back well after dark and looked for my earring but no dice. The boys started showering and getting ready for bed. Max said he’d gotten his flosser stuck in his teeth. As Ted pulled the flosser free he pulled Max’s tooth out! Ha! I wonder how many more teeth this kid has to lose?!

On the way to church we stopped at Krispy Kreme and got some doughnuts!! What little pieces of heaven. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, soft as pillows on the inside. I love doughnuts. I’m amazed at what wonderful will power I’ve had (in this one tiny area) the whole time we’ve been here! Go me!

This was our last Sunday here! Now that it’s here it seems like these last few weeks have gone by quickly. But I’m ready to leave. Or really, I’m ready to see somewhere new.

At home I made sandwiches for us, and my roasted red pepper sandwich was soooo good. I think lots of salt and pepper is the key. We watched a little bit of the Office during lunch and it was surprisingly clean enough for the boys, and we laughed like crazy, too. That show is so funny.

Jack and I had a nap, and I read a good bit of my latest Reacher. Then we left at 6pm to go pick up Ted. We got to see his plane fly over and Jack was super excited! I let him stand up through the sunroof and he was yelling and waving at Ted’s plane. It was so sweet. Of course, when I set up my phone to record him doing that when Ted himself came into view Jack acted like there was nothing new going on. Kids. Here’s a pic of Jack waiting for Ted:

Ted was starving and we had plans to go to Smokey Bones. It was just as good as last time. It’s no TJ Ribs, but it’s the next best thing when you can’t get those, I think. During our time there Kristy texted me and said they were in town and did we want to get together and have a potluck? We talked back and forth for a bit planning it. When we got back home Ted put Qustodio on Max’s computer and we fooled around with that a bit. I hope this works!

Today I started off by going to a couple of thrift stores I haven’t been to yet. I saw some cute stuff, but a lot of it was stuff I don’t want to have to fit in this bus. But then I saw a 1″ foam mattress for $3 and it looked almost new in its original bag. We have a sleep number bed with 2 separate sides of the bed, but somehow we still end up rolling to the middle. I asked Ted if he thought putting this extra foam in the middle would help and he said go for it. Hopefully it helps! I don’t understand how 2 totally separate ‘air beds’ can work this way, but they do.

I stopped off at Wal-Mart to donate Ted’s old glasses and return a shirt. I stopped at the foreign store to get more tandoori marinade, and then went a little crazy. I also got a schwarma and a biryani marinade, 2 sweets kinda like cannolis (lemon and chocolate), dried dates, tahini sauce (oh yeah, that was already on my list), and some Moroccan candy shaped like 2 half spheres with coconut flakes. My last stop was Publix for some pot stickers we’d seen on TV. I stopped at the office on the way home to mail a letter, and then made lunch for us at home.

I sent the boys outside after lunch and spent time blogging and making a new ginger dressing that I could eat with a spoon! I also worked on a meal plan to get us through the move. Then I tried out a recipe for fried rice; it was good, but not great. I’m eager to try it again till I get the taste I’m looking for. We had fried rice and salad for supper, and my dressing wasn’t the best! As wonderful as it was straight up, it was a little too sweet on the salad. What didn’t help was that the salad was more cabbage based than lettuce based. I’ll try it again with Ted and see what he thinks.

We had supper and then I played cards with the boys while the other boy showered. Max played Legos then, and Jack and I played playdough. After the boys were in bed I watched some Call the Midwife. I’ve finished my second dishrag to send to Mom/Jo, now I just need to sew in the ends and get that package in the mail.

I took Ted to the airport at 7:20 this morning, and talked to Mom all the way back. We laughed so much! I always enjoy getting to catch up with her. I was gonna go to Dollar Tree on the way home to get a number line for Jack but it wasn’t open then. This is what Max had to show me when I got back; it’s almost as good as the kit he wants to buy:

We finished reading our Bible at 10:25; then the boys played for 15 minutes and then we started school. I wondered how long it would take us to finish school since we started late, but Max was completely done by 1pm, and when Max is done Jack is done. This is Jack’s spelling paper from yesterday; he’s doing so well with his handwriting and spelling!

I made us leftovers for lunch and then I snoozed a little while the boys played. Then I sat outside while Jack played with his bubbles and then a bucket of water. I pulled out my reclining chair (that Max broke when we were at family camp last year) and there were huge ants all over it! Big red ones the size of carpenter ants. I told Jack to backup and then pulled him away as 1 crawled up his shoe, but he stumbled on the uneven ground and fell backward. Then he cried. Nothing makes you feel so bad as making your kid cry, even if you do it while trying to help him. After he was feeling better and had played in the front a bit he asked to go swimming so I made him clean up all the outside toys and we went to the pool. The boys swam from 4-6pm while I read and talked to Jo for a while. I noticed that Jack has a tan line from his glasses, heh.

I made sandwiches for supper and we watched MASH. The boys showered, and then Jack asked to play on his iPad so I set him up with Gemiini first and then playing. We were all doing our own thing by 7:30 and had a relaxing evening.

Jack peed the bed today! I think he probably has done this once before in the bus, but it’s super unusual. And a big pain; but it sure makes me soo thankful for our washer/dryer right in the bus! He was so cold after I showered him off he got in the bed to snuggle and warm up with us. When Ted and Max got up to start our day I lay in bed with Jack and then got this text from Mom:
First off, let me say, your father is ok. So, it’s 6:10a. I’m sleeping soundly. Without a sound, all of a sudden, all my covers are completely jerked off of me! I yell “Jan!” And turn on my light. There he sits on the floor like a lump wrapped in all the covers with just his head sticking up above the bed. He says, I was fighting this guy who’d been kidnapping children and I stepped off the sidewalk into a pothole that didn’t have a bottom! Needless to say, it was hard to go back to sleep because we were laughing so hard! Poor old thing!
I read the whole thing to everybody and we all had a good laugh too.

I made chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, and Ted fried fries to accompany them. We should have just had fries, cause they’re so awesome! We used the homemade mayo to make mayoketchup. One we mixed mayo/ketchup/garlic powder, one was mayo/sofrito, and one was store bought mayo/ketchup. There was a definite difference with the store bought, but I’m not sure it was enough to always make homemade mayo. Though it is super easy to make the mayo.

Max gave his Minecraft report for the second time today and did much better. Yesterday he talked for 3.5 minutes, today it was just over 5 minutes, which is about how long it should have been. He was still nervous, but he did well. He made eye contact with both of us (yesterday it was mostly me), had shorter notes, and just generally did better. He hates having to do this, but it’s just a part of growing up!

On the way to the parks we went to the office and reserved our spot here for this winter! I’m so excited!! I’m excited that we’ll get to see Bill and Lucy and Mike and Linda again! Woot! And of course I’ll be excited to go to Disney again, and maybe even to Universal and a few other things around here. Woot!

Today was Magic Kingdom day; we were so surprised at getting to park in Jafar, though. We’d never parked so close; we could easily walk into the park from our spot! I talked to the tram guy and he said it was just a low attendance day. We couldn’t tell that in the park, though; it just seemed normal to us.

We went straight to the silhouette people and got our silhouette made. I think this is the first time we’ve gotten one of Jack. Jan cut our profiles out and it was so interesting to watch her work. I’m amazed at what she could do! And how quickly!

We went to Splash Mountain after that; it was a good little ride where we got a little wet and cooled off some. We got a DAS for it right after we got off the ride; we’ll probably need to cool down again then. Space Mountain was our next stop but it was closed, so we went to have some desserts while we figured out what to do. We got 2 frozen lemonades and they were tart and awesome. Next we got a Dole Whip and a Dole Whip upside pineapple cake, and that was the best!

We headed over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to use our universal fast pass we got from Space Mountain being closed, but it wasn’t accepted there! We headed to Thunder Mountain and rode that, and then we stood in line for Splash Mountain to use our DAS, but the line wasn’t moving and Ted saw that Space Mountain was open, so we headed over there. There was a parade coming through just then, so we stopped and watched for a few minutes.

We rode Space Mountain and then decided to skip Splash Mountain and head straight home. Of course then we saw that Astro Orbiter had a short wait time so we changed our minds and went there. I laughed and told the boys the story of when I was a kid and begged and begged to do this ride and finally Mom told Kelly to take me on it. Once we got on the ride and it started moving I was huddled in the bottom begging Kelly not to let it go up! What a baby! Heh. I sent the sisters and parents a picture today and told them I rode it without crying!

Ted had wanted to do the People Mover too, and its line was short so we got onboard. When we were almost at the top of the conveyer belt ramp the belt stopped abruptly; the ride shut down! Then it did it several more times. We figured out that they were stopping and starting to give people assistance on and off. It never stopped once we actually sat down on the ride, though. When we were finished we headed to pick up our silhouette and buy my monorail bag and then we were out of there. When we went in the Emporium, though, there was no bag! I asked a woman, Lizzie, for help finding it, and while she looked the boys headed out for the parking lot. Lizzie finally said they didn’t have any more of those bags. She even looked online, but all they had was a bigger monorail bag. Ugh. That’s such a bummer. I asked where I could search for it online and she said shop the park app. We’ll see how that goes. When I met up with the boys Ted had already been looking online for the bag and saw a few on eBay. He’s sure people around here buy them up and then sell them for a small profit. I don’t know what I want to do now; I guess I’ll ask the people at Downtown Disney when we go there next Tuesday for another movie. On our way home Ted stopped at the Disney gas station and got gas; it was a little cheaper there than it was off property.

We dropped the boys off at the playground and went home for Ted to make us another Alton Brown: roasted broccoli sandwiches. They were awesome! He mixed bread and butter pickles with chili sauce and ginger and that marinated all day. Tonight he roasted a pound of broccoli, put that on mayo sub bread with the pickles and it was a little bit of heaven! Even Max thought they were great! It’s not at all what I expected from a broccoli sandwich, and I love broccoli. We’ll definitely be having this again, lots.

Oh, I knew I was forgetting something yesterday when I wrote out our schedule; Ted’s been reminding us to play games more, and we’ve been doing that more and more. Sometimes we play with a boy while the other boy showers, sometimes all 3 boys play while I wash dishes, but mostly we all 4 play. Jack is really good at UNO, and is learning Skip Bo pretty well. He can play pretty good, but he never says he’s finished his turn.