March 2018

We all slept as late as possible today; it was a great recuperation day from yesterday! At one point we told the boys to go to the playground, and then it started raining. I thought the boys would go out after a little drizzle, but then it started pouring! We played Uno, Tangrams and Skipbo; and later in the day we got our package from the office.

We left the house around 6:30 this morning. I’d hoped to get doughnuts on the way, but I guess I hoped to sleep in more, so we did that. When we got to the boat Rich and Eron had just gotten there. The boat wasn’t very big, but I was excited about going. Rich checked the oil and generally set things aright and we headed out. We stopped about 10 minutes later to fill up with gas, and then we really got going. The waves were kinda rough, and of course it was loud. After an hour or so I began to have an inkling something might be wrong. I dismissed it as best as I could, but it kept nagging at me. We stopped a bit and Rich put bait on the lines and set up the poles on the back of the boat.

Then he started going again, but much slower, dragging the lines. He let Max drive for a while, and Eron drove a bit too.

Things were going ok, but finally I had the telltale saliva in my mouth and I knew I was going to throw up! Everyone else seemed fine, so I quietly motioned to Ted that I was gonna be sick and went to sit by the side. Things got better then; I think the cool air rushing past me helped. We kept going farther and farther out and after a bit Jack coughed a little bit and Max called for Ted. He came and Jack wasn’t looking so good; Ted brought him to the side and he threw up! After another 5 minutes or so it hit me and I actually did throw up. Ugh! I lay down on the raised motor cover and closed my eyes. Jack was laying down on the cushioned seat in the front. He rested just a few minutes and then he was laughing and playing again. He kept coming to me and saying ‘few, Mom!’. Heh. Throwing up is no fun! I was glad he bounced back so quickly Rich told us the winds were higher than he usually goes out in, but it was predicted to settle down so we went out in his wishful thinking! He took in all the fishing lines and we headed back in. Jack threw up again on the way in. I felt fine, but then I asked Ted and he said people usually feel better looking at the horizon, so I did. And then I threw up again. I laid down again and this time I didn’t get up until we were back in the little bay closer to land. Jack threw up one more time. He’s so frustrating, but I feel bad because I know he’s feeling bad. The first time he threw up neatly over the side. The second time he went over the side at the beginning, but then he just crumpled on the floor. Rich said just let him do what he wants and if he throws up on the floor get a bucket of sea water and wash it all out toward the back of the boat. The third time he threw up I opened my eyes to see what he and Ted were doing and Ted was telling him to stand up and lean over, Ted was holding him, but Jack just picked his feet up and wouldn’t lean over the side. He weighs somewhere around 60 lbs, and it’s not easy to hold him up if he doesn’t want to be up! So that last time he just lay in a puddle on the floor and made the puddle bigger. Poor baby!

When we got to the calmer location Jack was once again laughing and playing and saying ‘fewf’ a lot. I felt ok, and the water was really calm so I got up. We all fished a bit, but the fish weren’t biting much. We moved a time or two and caught several small catfish and a lady fish, all of which Rich quickly threw back in.

Max caught a puffer fish and it was so cool to watch. Rich turned it belly-up and rubbed its belly and it jiggled around a bit. He put it in the water and it sucked up a good bit of water, enough to make it at least 4 times as big as it had been!

Ted ate an actual lunch, but Max, Jack and I had Cheese Nips for our ‘meal’. By the time it was time to pack it up we only had about 4 fish big enough to keep, and Rich said he’d like to give them to Eron which was fine with us.

On our way home Ted found us a burger place called Thee Burger Spot. It was a hole in the wall, and it was awesome! The burgers were huge, and we also got a steak fries; fries with cheese and shredded steak on top. When we got home we quickly showered, put all our clothes in the washer and went straight to bed. We were whipped!

Man, one day we were at a stoplight and a guy in a Post Office Jeep next to us lit up a cigarette. The recirculate air button was already on, but the truck must have been drawing air from right where his cigarette was because our truck was suddenly filled with cigarette smoke! It was so crazy, and we couldn’t do anything about it until the light changed. That was nasty!

We did school today, and after lunch I went outside to call Mom. Jack was jumping and another woman stopped by to tell me how sweet Jack was. This was the 3rd or 4th time that’s happened. Jack brings smiles into this ole world!

Mom said she and Papa are taking gun classes and she’s a good shot! It’s so sweet they have something to do together that they both enjoy.

Later we packed for our fishing trip while the boys went to the playground. We ate the etouffee I made yesterday for supper; it was fine, but now I really want to make some homemade etouffee and see how it turns out!

As we were getting into the truck the other day Jack licked it! Kids.

Two things from last friday: we re-leveled the bus, and I think we may have gotten it this time. Ted jacked the front up as far as it would go; and yes, that freaked me out a little! I saw the front sway a bit so I told the boys to stay super still! Then I put a pyramid of blocks 3 high under the wheel, then we leveled the whole thing. Now we wait.

And Jack’s spelling was awesome! I’m so excited! Last week the longest word he had was 5 letters, and there was only 1 of those. This week the 16 words he had were: little, work, knew, place, years, rain, mail, wait, paint, chant, paid, sail, goods, services, consumer, producer. Ugh! They lulled me with last week! I figured I’d just give him a shot and see what he could do. He wrote each word 2 times every day and did his other spelling word activity each day and then I gave him his test Friday. He got the first 4 out of 5 words wrong!! This wasn’t going well, but I figured we should just persevere, so we did and I stopped looking at how he was doing. He spelled the remaining words correctly!! Services, consumer and producer too!!!! I couldn’t believe it! So then I asked him to verbally spell each word and he got each word correct, even those first 5!!! This child! Ted has asked him a few words since then and he’s misspelled the word little; he keeps putting an a instead of an i, but what can you do? I think we’ll just keep moving forward and I’ll test him verbally in addition to his written test each week.

Today was back to school, and boy does Jack make me shake my head. I’ve put him back on 1st grade reading comprehension because those 2nd grade pages were too difficult. Today he read the story out loud and then I asked him how many questions are there? Each reading comprehension page is a little story and then 3 questions. He pointed to the question mark and said ‘question mark’. I asked again slowly how many questions? He pointed to each question. I finally said count how many questions and then he counted and told me. I really think he’s just not listening to what I say, but sometimes I repeat what I’m saying so many times, and then tell him he’s not listening and repeat again, and even re-word it, but it doesn’t help. I want him to figure things out for himself, but he doesn’t seem ready to do that. I’ve told him countless times ‘how many means count’ and Ted’s told him too, but he doesn’t seem to realize that when I ask him a ‘how many’ question. I’m sure in the future either he’ll understand this, or maybe he’ll be better at stopping and listening when I say you’re not listening to me.

The other thing about his school today, we were doing verb cards. I pick out a random 5 cards that are just photos of people doing things and I ask him what’s going on in each one. Sometimes we talk more, what are they wearing? How are they feeling? Is it hot or cold, inside or outside, etc? Today after we discussed the card a bit I’d slowly told him a couple of times ‘the Pawpaw is painting his door green’ but when I told him to say it back to me he said ‘the Pawpaw’s door is painting green’. Man, how difficult it must be to learn this language! You don’t think about it too much when you grow up speaking English, but those words are obviously not in the right order. But how do I explain that to him with his current level of understanding???!! I don’t. I just make him repeat and then tell him he’s doing great. Poor kid. He has a long row to hoe, but he’s plowing along!

We had leftovers for lunch and then Jack and I quickly finished his school so Ted and I could get ready for our financial call. That was a long one! An hour plus! And now we need to find an estate planning attorney who specializes in special needs trusts. Well, obviously we needed to do this a long time ago, but now we know we need to do it. I need a break from being an adult, and then I’m going to make Zatarain’s etouffee for supper.

At church tonight we talked to Rich again and we’re going fishing Friday! He suggested that we go pick up some ginger tablets if we’re worried about getting sea sick. I’ve only been seasick once, when the cruise ship in Alaska was super rocky, but I’m taking ginger anyway! And I’m giving it to the boys. I’m sad that Bill and Lucy are gone…we could give them some fish if they were around!