January 2018

This morning Ted and the boys were snuggling in bed and Ted called me to hear what Jack named his baby…Jesus! Heh. Guess the nativity has made a big impression on him!

Today was a hard school day for Jack. These last 2 days he’s been pretty hard-headed, and we’ve been busy, so they haven’t been great for school. Today Ted headed out for a massage so I thought we’d get a lot of quality work in. I pulled out a page on first/middle/last. I really guess I thought it would be kind of easy, but it didn’t turn out that way. Jack needed to color the first thing in each group green, the middle thing purple, and the last thing orange. There were several groups on that page, all just there, not in boxes or set apart. I knew he would need some instruction, but I thought he could get it on his own after I showed him what to do. I backed up and started by asking him what the first sentence of his directions said. Then I had to back up again and show him how to find each sentence, so I showed him the punctuation that delineates a sentence. I thought if we broke it down into little pieces it would be easier. So then we talked about each group, and he easily pointed out each group: turtles, balloons, kites, etc. So I walked him through coloring the first one correctly, and I thought we were on our way. I left him to color the second group and when I looked up he’d colored the middle one the wrong color. I wasn’t impatient with him, but I went over the directions with him again and showed him where he messed up. And then he got teary! Poor boy. I don’t know if it was what we were working on or something else, but he was just so sad! I immediately started consoling him, and let him hug his baby Simba. It’s heartbreaking when Jack’s sincerely sad! I think he just gets so frustrated with himself that he starts to cry. He did fine the rest of the day. After he was calmed down he said, “When I finish my work can I blow my bubbles?” What an awesome full sentence!

Ted came home and raved over his massage. He’s now made me an appointment for a massage with the same lady. I’m so lucky!

We talked about going out to eat for lunch, but my stomach is kinda upset so we ate chicken salad and meats and cheeses here.

The boys played on the playground, and after a bit Ted and I went for a walk. The weather is wonderful…we went out in pants and short sleeves, but I needed a light sleeve after a lap or two.

When it was supper time I reviewed all we had here, but Ted wanted to go out to eat (and I always want to go), and I was feeling better, so we went. I’d seen a food truck on yelp when we first got here so we went after it. When we got there there were tons of food trucks! We thought we’d hit the jackpot! But then we realized out of 35 or more trucks there were only about 5 open. When we asked why they said most of them open later and stay open really late (it was 5:30 at the time…we still had church to go to). Way to make us feel old!

We got 3 dinners from Monster Truck, the Peruvian hamburger which came with fries; a fry dish that came with beef and chicken, with ketchup and garlic sauce; and a pepito, which is apparently a Venezuelan sandwich, this one came with chicken and beef, tiny fries and tons of cheese, and more awesome sauces. It was all good, but I wasn’t blown away. We had fun, though, and I look forward to going back and seeing what else is around there!

After church and when the kids were in bed Ted and I headed out to the hot tub. We may be too old to eat supper late, but we were the only ones in the hot tub at 9pm. Heh. The shuffle boards were full and tons of cars were parked there when we came home from church, but by the time the boys changed and got into bed we were alone out there. Nice!

We had some plans for today after lunch. I got fast passes for Animal Kingdom; today would be our first day there. I have never been a big fan of zoos, but I am becoming more of a fan now as I get older. And then after our 3 fast passes we would got to Willie’s Pinchos finally. Ted did a little research and found that they should have just opened when we got there last time. He checked their hours and they should be open tonight. We watched the DDD segment the other day and now our mouths are watering to eat there!

During recess we re-leveled the bus…the front has settled enough that Ted’s mirrored closet door keeps swinging so that I can’t use it when I’m drying my hair. He also installed a new light switch over the cab. I guess it’s just time for those things to give out; I think this is the 4th one he’s replaced. We finished school and I made whatever for lunch and we headed out to AK.

We went straight to Avatar to see about a medical fast pass, a DAS. We already had fast passes, so I wasn’t sure how this would work, but it worked fine! They told us to come back in about an hour and a half. Woot! We headed off to our first stop which was the Lion King show. When we got there a cast member was standing outside and asked us if we wanted to be the family of the day. Of course we do! We didn’t even know what it meant, just that in Disney that’s gonna be a good thing! She told us to come back in about 15 minutes. When we got back she (Melinda) escorted us to our front row seats. We’d talked a bit before the show and she asked for the boys favorite animals, but I didn’t really know what to say. We meant to watch the movie before we came, but you know how that goes. She also asked if she gave Jack something would Max be jealous since it’s Max’s birthday month. I knew he wouldn’t, thankfully. The show was great! My favorite parts were the guys dancing on stilts(!), the acrobat dressed as a bird that swung from a rope, and the gymnasts on the trapeze and trampoline. But really, it was all good. There was so much going on it was hard to know where to look, and honestly I didn’t care about the ‘storyline’ at all, I just enjoyed the good music and dancing. The monkeys came over and picked stuff out of the boys’ hair and ate it, and at one point Timon came over and hugged Ted. It was all so much fun. They pulled Max and Jack up before the show to help with the hand jive part, and pulled Jack up at the beginning to demonstrate a lion’s roar (that didn’t go over…Jack isn’t nervous about being in front of a crowd, but you have to show him specifically what you want him to do, not just say give me a roar). During the show they pulled the boys up to dance around the whole theater and use noise makers. I think both boys had fun then and during the whole show. Although Jack’s favorite part may have been the dry ice that kept wafting smoke right at our feet; he kicked and blew it almost the whole time.

As soon as the show was over Melinda came to get us and whisked us out the back to meet the cast! They had a certificate that said Family of the Day and had our name on it. Max got a Pumba/Timon plush animal and Jack got a baby Simba wrapped in a blanket. Those were perfect for each boy. Then the cast came out and I got to gush over the stilts guys…they really were amazing! What an awesome day! Melinda gave us extra fast passes, which was so cool. This has been the ultimate Disney day.

From there we headed over to Avatar, that was an amazing show! I really enjoyed it, but if we do it again I’m sure the intro will be boring…it’s so long! I enjoyed the feeling of flying, and the sights were pretty cool, but the most awesome part was when Ted told me to look left…you could see all the other people watching the show! It was so cool seeing all of us on our ‘motorcycles’ moving up and down and around, and looking behind us you could see the floor moving up and down too. That was pretty cool.

Next we headed to Expedition Everest. I hadn’t ridden this ride before, so I got a little nervous. (The last time we were here years ago Ted and Max went on it and the ride got stuck, so they had to walk out. Heh.) But then I asked Ted how it compared to Rockin’ Roller Coaster and he said it was nothing compared to that, and he was right. It was a fun ride, but not nerve inducing. The part going backward wasn’t even a thing! Though I will pay more attention next time, I think we went in a spiral. I did spend some of my time wondering how Jack was doing, but I think he loved it. We’ll have to do it again if we go back.

The last ride of the night was the safari. Ted and I expected it to be like the Jungle Boat Ride in Magic Kingdom with all its fake animals and hijacking, but it had only real animals! I thought Jack would really like it, but I think he was pretty tired by that time. It amazes me how tired I get walking in Disney every day. It’s not hard, but when I get home I sleep well.

We headed out to Willie’s Pinchos next and son of a gun they were closed! Stupid! Ted looked on fb as I headed home and said they announced on fb that morning that they were closed for plumbing repairs. Oh well, they can’t help that I guess. We debated where else we could eat but all of our tempers were a little short so we got gas and headed home. Ted made hamburgers for us (I ate mine as just a patty), and I made potatoes for the boys and me. The boys showered while we were cooking, and then Ted and I headed out to the hot tub when the boys got in bed. It was pretty chilly on our walk over there, but when we came back we were so warm from the hot tub that it was fine. We watched the rest of the old Bladerunner. That is a slow movie! We’re planning on watching the new one and Ted wanted to see this one first, but it put him to sleep last night, and it never got any faster.

We stayed home and in our pj’s most of today…it rained and rained this morning! I ran to the grocery store with Jack in the hopes of making Reuben Soup for lunch, but when I got back home I realized it was a cook all day soup so we’ll have it for supper.

Jack was slow to school today, and going to the store didn’t help. And then I put the soup together while he was supposed to be writing his spelling words, so that went slowly too. We stopped for lunch and then Ted figured since the sun was coming out we ought to check out the hot tub! Since Jack had done some reading, writing and math I called his school day done. We sent Max ahead to check out the temp of the regular swimming pool, and when he said it was good we all changed into our suits and headed over. The hot tub wasn’t as hot as we kept ours, but it was hot enough! There was a guy already in the hot tub, but no one in the swimming pool so the boys got to play as they wanted. The guy was a teacher so we chatted about school a bit. He cracked me up with his gentle questioning of our schooling, but he was polite. The thing that really got me was his admonishment that the boys needed time away from each other. Yeah, ok.

After we went back home I helped Ted a little to figure out his closet. He still talks about getting another RV, but he keeps saying he’s not serious. Hmmm. We took a walk after that, but my new Converse rubbed a blister on the top of my foot so we cut it short to come get a bandaid.

The soup was good, and I paired it with a bagged salad from Aldi. The boys all had bleu cheese dressing and I had the southwest dressing that came with it. Bill and Lucy brought over a rotisserie chicken! I think it was to thank me for the tangerines I brought over there, but that wasn’t a fair trade! I ate several bites as I was deboning it…it’s great! I already have plans for it. After supper we played a few rounds of Uno and one round of Phase 10 for kids. Jack held his Uno cards in his hand this time, but he’s not really ready for that all the way yet.

Church was good today. For lunch I used up the end of the Gyoza sauce on chicken and stir fry veggies. Jack and I had a great nap which means he snuggled with me, and then fell asleep so I got to read my book until I was ready to fall asleep. Then he slept later than me so I read some more, and then he snuggled with me while I woke him up at 4pm. Perfection!

Ted was coming home around 7pm so the boys and I had a snack around 5pm. I stopped by Aldi on the way home from church and got more strawberries, they’re $1.29 for a carton! And I got a large jar of Nutella. That’s almost gone now. Yum! Jack kept asking for more and more to eat, but I held him off. Finally Ted said he was gonna be a little late so I made the boys bacon grilled cheese sandwiches and set them down to eat. Ted’s doing low carb and I’m not, so I made some potatoes for the boys and me to split. I had some chorizo I hadn’t cooked yet so I used a whole bag of frozen peppers and onions with 3 chorizo links. I added a little garlic to that. When Ted got home I served my chorizo over those potatoes, and Ted got it without potatoes, and we both had cheese on top. It wasn’t the same as I’ve eaten in restaurants, but it was close!

After we got the boys in bed we watched 2 Mr. Robots and then hit the hay.

I’ve just about decided that I don’t want to go to Disney on Saturday…all those dreadful tourists!! Heh. So we did school, and then I took Jack to the big orange he keeps asking about. Jack and I tested the 5 or 6 types of orange samples they had out and the one I loved the most was sunburst tangerine. They may not have been the sweetest, but they had such good flavor! It was cheaper to buy the larger bag of oranges, of course. I’m planning on giving some out to the friends we’ve made here.

We were in an adjoining parking lot to a thrift store so we hit that up as well. The LL Bean matching cast iron pots were still there, but I’m more sure now that I don’t want them. They are small and are enameled on the inside. Jack found a vacuum hose with no vacuum so I asked the woman how much it would be. She said $1, I asked for 50 cents and she okayed it. Yea! We headed home after that.

The boys got their swim suits on and we walked over to the pool. While there I stepped into the hot tub, and then I wished I’d worn my suit! It feels pretty hot. I’ll have to get Ted to go in with me next time. I was the youngest by far, and the boys only brought the average down even farther! Heh. They had a good time. We went home and they changed, and then I sent them outside while I made pizza. It took me an hour from start to pulling the pizza out of the oven, and I have a second dough in the fridge for another day. I’m getting good at this!

Saturday I wanted to go out on my own. I still needed to see about my ‘new’ shoes. In Branson I bought 2 pair of Sketchers from Rack Room. They were super comfy, and perfect for walking all day in Disney! I wore the blue pair mostly, but when I went to wear the tan pair the little ‘buttons’ on the bottom fell off! After the third one fell off I figured I ought to at least see about it. I headed out to Rack Room here and asked what they could do about it. They said find a different pair of shoes or they’d give me store credit. That was pretty awesome considering I’d bought them in another state (though I didn’t mention that) and I didn’t have my receipt! As I was looking around Ted called to ask if I’d given permission to Max to go on youtube or amazon on his computer. I hadn’t, so we discussed what to do while I hurried my shopping. Ugh. I didn’t want to do this in a hurry…I’d paid more for those shoes than I normally do because of the name brand, and the comfort, and they were buy one get one half off. I didn’t want to just grab something I didn’t need, but I didn’t want to have to go back at another time either. I saw some Converse red tennis, and that’s what I originally was looking for in Branson! They had my size, so I was out of there quickly. I went home and looked at Max’s computer…it seems like Minecraft is loading a youtube video on startup. Fewf!

I headed back out after about an hour to Got Thrift (nothing much there) and Salvation Army where I found 2 pair of Mickey pj pants! And a robe with sleeves that won’t wipe out the contents of the bus as I walk through like my kimono does…I guess I’ll have to retire the kimono until we get a house. The pj pants were a neat find. I saw the first pair and the robe, tried them on, and then walking to the check-out saw the second pair right where the first ones had been! I tried them on too and they fit just as good! Woop!

On the way home I stopped in at the office to get all our packages. Jack’s fish oil came in. I read the other day about the Nemecheck protocol for curing SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth). I figure we’ll give it a try.

Back home and Bill and Lucy were outside so I sat over there and visited a few minutes.