June 2017

Today was a complete pj day. It was rainy and wonderful to stay inside. Last night after church we stopped at Shopko and Max spent his $5 for the month on two 2 liters of Dr. Pepper and a small Toblerone. He gave Jack a small cup of Dr. Pepper, and he drank all but another small cup of Dr. Pepper today. He kept saying that it was such a great day, and we really needed to have a day where we didn’t do anything at all. But then when I was fixing supper at 7 he said after supper I think I need to get outside, I think getting some exercise would make my belly feel better. I think not exercising has made my belly feel bad today. I said well maybe it was that two liters of Dr. Pepper, you think? He smiled and agreed. He and Jack didn’t do anything all day, and I hardly did anything, but I did make enchilada fixings, and a new Asian soup.

I forgot to blog this, but the other day when we changed the oil in the bus, as Max was getting ready to go outside to play I saw a huge moth flying around in the bus. I’m not scared of moths at all really (though I probably shouldn’t say that now or a great big one will freak me out!) so I don’t think of Max as being scared of them. I told him before he left he needed to kill that moth. Well that was a crazy ordeal. In the end he never did kill it, but he sure did spend a lot of energy yelling and screaming about it. He was completely freaked out! Ted and I didn’t have time to deal with it because we were trying to take care of the oil change. At one point we went back in the bus to get something and saw that Jack was crying, he was so worried about Max. Ted immediately took over with Max and I grabbed Jack’s Crocs and we headed out to the playground. He’s such a sweet boy. When anybody near him is upset he gets upset. And Max was crying, a lot. Jack and I played at the playground for a bit, and then we checked out the gym nearby. There was a doctor’s scale there, and I really hope it’s accurate, but my weight was so low even with all my clothes on that I could hardly believe it. I think I have lost a little weight recently, but not that much.

Max got back his 3Ds today. It’s the first electronic since the incident.

Now it’s bedtime and I just caught Max’s moth. I think it’s what flew between me and my phone last night, and I took that as a sign it was time to turn the light off :-) But I put the boys to bed about 10 minutes ago, flossed my teeth, and was in the middle of brushing my teeth when there was a huge thump from the front. Jack had fallen out of bed. He seemed really shaken up so I guess he was already asleep. So we hugged, I fixed​ his bed, put him back to bed, and finished brushing my teeth. Then the moth was up by the light over the sink. I guess God has given Max a reprieve on that one :-)