February 2017

I spent some of Jack’s birthday/Christmas money on this!

We went to Saguaro National Park East (I’m pretty sure it was east, not west). The desert is a beautiful place, and I’m glad we get to spend so much time here, but I rather enjoy the beauty of green green green trees and grass.

I think that’s a dead cactus on the left.

Afterwards we met up with Don and Dar for one last get-together. I’d told Ted so much about the awesome burger I had so we went back to Thursty’s and got one. I realized while waiting for our food (and this second time here we waited quite a bit!) that my eyes were dry probably because I needed to stop taking my flonase. When we first got to Tucson my nose was horrible…bleeding and so super dry. I stopped flonase a day or two, but then I sneezed all day! I’ve been taking it since then, but starting tomorrow I’m going to stop flonase and see how that works for me.

Today I went Goodwilling in Sierra Vista with Jack. I bought a glass bead necklace, a pizza stone, more yarn to make another basket, a pizza scraper, and another book for Jack. A great day!

We got out of bed at 8 and did school.

Star Wars school is awesome!

Then we went to tour the Titan Missile Museum. I was amazed and awed at the size of the springs there…the whole underground base was supported by springs, and they were massive! This was to protect the missile and all the other equipment from shock if a bomb was detonated on the ground. We learned about the guy at another Titan Missile site in AR who didn’t want to go all the way back to get a wrench (I think), so he used one he had that was n’t a perfect fit, then it slipped from his hand, and ended up causing an explosion which killed him and wounded his mate. The wrench he dropped caused the two types of fuel (?) to mix…and they’re never supposed to touch each other until the missile is ready to launch.

I assume this gauge is to let them know how far down the springs are compressed.
I didn’t get any good shots of the giant springs, just these smaller ones.
Look how thick all the doors are!

We also visited Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Isn’t this beautiful?!

Today we headed to the Pima Air & Space Museum and the boneyard. There was such a long line when we got there, even though Ted made sure we were there when the doors opened. We got the second shift of tour busses for the boneyard, so we spent our time touring the museum. I do enjoy looking at planes. There were a few training flight decks the boys got to climb in. Ted taught us more stuff about aviation. This was fun.

Then we lined up for our boneyard tour and that was just so amazing! To see all those planes out in the desert, wrapped up, and many of them propped up on wooden saw horses. Wow. Our guide also pointed out a coyote out in the field, heh.

Yes, that’s Jack’s food up by his mouth.
Jack always has time to make a new friend!

We had lunch at the museum, and Ted had a massive sandwich…a burger with buns made of grilled cheese sandwiches! I had a hot dog wrapped in bacon. It wasn’t quite as exciting as it should have been. But it tasted better than a plain old hot dog!