We got up this morning not in a great hurry, but moving determinedly to leave. Everything was going great, but when Ted put up the bed we heard a horrible noise. His seatbelt had gotten perfectly caught up in the bed. Ugh. I got it out and we were set. He started it up again and then he didn’t like something, so he put it back down. I didn’t see anything, but we’re super gun-shy about this bed. I climbed on top to check things out and still didn’t see anything. Until. I saw the fan. Jack must’ve turned the fan to the back so the bed was mangling the fan. Ugh ugh ugh. We didn’t even know the fans turned around to hamper the bed. I fixed the fan out of the way and then the bed went up without a hitch. That child!! We got everything else together and left around 10:45. We have to be faster tomorrow to make sure Ted has plenty of time to get to the airport.

We drove from Adairsville to Lake Park, GA today. Harvest Moon RV Park to Grassy Pond.

Jack was doing something cheesy so I said Jack, you’re a cheese! He said no, I’m boy. Later on as we were watching church he told me be quiet! That punk!

Jack just farted and he said excuse me! My hiney. Excuse me.

What a day we had today!!! We all slept late. The kids had breakfast late. I fixed it for them right as Ted and I headed out to Aldi. When we got back Ted and I ate lunch and then we all headed to the storage unit for the last time. It’s funny how sentimental I am when I see our stuff. I really want a house, but I really want to be on this trip. Who knows if we’ll ever travel like this again once we buy a house? I’m enjoying myself so much. We put our last things in there and headed down to Mom’s.

Mom had a computer thing for Ted to help with, and we picked up all his clean clothes. We visited for a while, and Ted set up the repeater he got for them. We left, and before we were 5 minutes down the road she called us…we’d forgotten Ted’s cup. Back we went and got the cup, and the swimsuit coverup that was supposed to be a robe but was too small. Off again, but we saw their neighbors kinda heading out to the road we were driving; they were flagging us down. Our front passenger tire was low! I’m so thankful they stopped us! I backed into Mom’s driveway and Ted and I raced to ring the doorbell. We’d noticed the truck pulling a little to the right but figured that it was an alignment problem. The steering wheel had also shuttered a good bit at 70 mph but not at 55, Ted thought it might be a transmission problem but he needed to do more research on it. All along it was the tire!!! Ugh! Papa aired up the tire, and then I backed the truck up slowly as he inspected the tire to see if we’d run over something…he found nothing. He got some soapy water and sprayed it on the tire and saw air coming out from around the valve. He tightened the valve as we all held our breaths and prayed…and it worked! Thank the Lord! It’s already crummy that Ted flies out to work the day we arrive in FL (in 2 days); we just don’t have time to get the truck fixed before then if we move to FL where we’ve already paid for our stay, and who knows if the campground we’re at has space for us to extend! Crises averted. Hopefully.

We drove home and Ted checked the tire again…it’s not higher pressure than it was at Papa’s, but the other tires are. They expanded due to the friction heat. Poop. He called Wal-Mart to see if they could check the tire and I called Papa to confer…then Ted decided he’d just go to WM since no other customers were there right then. They said they found no leak, so hopefully we’re good. We’ll see.

Ted started eating low carb with me today, and we had salmon steaks for supper…they were pretty good.

I headed back to Mom’s early…the TPMS sensors we had replaced didn’t take care of the problem. I thought Papa would ask the guys to remove the new sensors, but he just asked them to check them. Basically we replaced something that wasn’t the problem. Ugh.

I brought our school stuff and both boys did school, but not without major fussing from both of them! Mom says Max never acted like that when he was with them…I really don’t know what that says about Max or our parenting.

We ate lunch at Mom’s, and then Mom, Jack and I went for a walk. Max and Pawpaw rode both motorcycles…I know Max has been looking forward to that for a while now, but boy, was it cold!

Jack and I left to go get Ted from the airport. On the way back to Mom’s we ate at Flip Burger. My bison burger was awesome, it had a really smoky flavor. Ted had the butcher shop or something burger with bleu cheese on it. I like bleu cheese fine, but don’t love it on a burger. We each had fancy fries, but everything there needed a little bit more salt. I ate mostly low carb there.

Back at Mom’s we visited a little, and Ted showed Mom the pants he needed sewn. We left all his laundry and headed home and straight to bed. We’re all pretty tired.

21 December Thursday

TJ and I have been considering going to a low carb diet. I hate the idea, partly because it seems kind of faddish, despite it being an old diet, and partly because I love potatoes and popcorn. But Mom and Jo have been doing it for a few months and been impressed, and they’re not the type of people who try and swear by every new thing. Mom just gave me another reason to hate this idea…it’s practically giving up sugar! Who wants to do that? I’ve no doubt that it’s healthy to do this, I just love food, and tasting. But it’s not giving up anything entirely, which is good. They’ve been keeping carbs to about 100 per day. The last reason I really don’t want to do this is that what I’ve been doing has been working great for me. I’m afraid this license to eat bacon will prove too tempting to me. But TJ wants to do it, and I want to help him. And as Mom says, can I commit to losing 5-10 pounds?

22 December Friday

Jack and I went to Jo’s with Mom today while Max stayed with Pawpaw. We talked about food and ate and looked at a lot of recipe books. Still trying to figure this low carb thing out.

23 December Saturday

Jack just said Max in the shower, I don’t use the water, right Mom?

Mom and Papa came over to give me my skillet today…it’s surface is like glass! I’m gonna quick cure it. But then while they were here they offered to start the process by using their stove cleaning cycle which supposedly gets up to 900 degrees while my oven says it goes to 500 and doesn’t have a cleaning cycle. We’ll see.

24 December Sunday

I asked Jack if he’d taken his medicine and he said no! That’s pretty big…he usually says yes and then heads off to get his medicine. He also buttoned all his shirt buttons with relative ease! It’s still a big thing, though, and if we’re in a hurry we button them. But he’s starting to ask us to button them less now. Slightly.

We went to church with Gran and Pawpaw this morning. When the first song was finished Jack said louder than necessary “Free Bird!!” Lol

This crazy Max. I had it all planned out. I would send the boys to bed, and during the night I would go get the stockings that are hanging over the couch and fill them and just lay them on the couch for the morning. Well, before we even started getting ready for bed he said do you want to just bring the stockings back to your bedroom so you can fill them there? What am I going to do with that child?

25 December Monday

We didn’t have a big Christmas today since we did Chirstmas with everyone on the 16th. But I did get stuff for the boys’ stockings, so that’s the first thing we did. Max got cotton candy, a big hershey’s kiss to share with Jack, some pens and a small journal, a 3-pack of Ferro Rocher, chocolate straws and some gum. Jack got a 3-pack of Ferro Rocher, chocolate straws and a party bag of M&M’s. Tj and I got a chocolate orange, chocolate covered strawberries, and 2 bags of milky ways (one with caramel). Can you guess who did the shopping? Of course I decided on a whim yesterday to give low-carb a good try, and here I am with all this chocolate now. Oh well.

Max told me as we were getting ready to open the presents that every time he’d seen Jack open his eyes this morning he would say to Jack ‘Merry Christmas’ in an excited tone. Jack would doze back off, but Max would say it again the next time his eyes fluttered. Heh.

We opened our presents from Grandmom and Aunt Sam today. Max got Boom Blast Sticks, Jack got a fidget spinner and a snow globe on a stick that lights up and spins when you press the button, and I got panda slippers and a 6-pack of Toblerone! We stayed in our pj’s all day and played with our toys. The boys had pb and j sandwiches and I ate whatever we had that was low-carb. I’m gonna have to meal plan sometime soon.

26 December Tuesday

We spent the day at Mom’s. Joelle and her boys came over too. I think it would be really fun to live near enough to everyone to visit often. We sewed and made low carb bread and talked a lot, and Pawpaw and I discussed TPMS more than I ever wanted to.

I know this photo is blurry, but it’s the best I could get!

27 December Wednesday

Today we did school in the morning and went to storage probably for the last time. I left Max at home playing and just took Jack. The lights where our units were were not working, but when we walked down to the other end of the hallway the lights on our end turned on, so a few times I got Jack to run down to the end. It was so cute to see him run down there flapping his arms like he saw me doing. He wants to be a helper almost all the time, and he’s getting big enough to actually help sometimes.

While in the bus I told Jack to go to the back and do his GemiiniPad. After he got back there he said nevermind, I’m going to watch videos! Turns out the GemiiniPad wasn’t working. He couldn’t figure out how to tell me it wasn’t working, but it was so cute to hear him use ‘nevermind’ for the first time.

Google Maps told us to get on 41 East or something and Jack said I want West, right Mama? Contrary!

Jack said wind blow smoke out of green car…and I could see it happening! It’s so fun to see what he’s thinking, and it’s happening more and more.

The other day Jack asked for the fork with 4 sticks…I guess he doesn’t like my forks with 3 tines.

We went to Gran’s church tonight.

28 December Thursday

Mom, Jack and I went to Goodwill today while Max and Pawpaw took the truck to get new tires and then to Honda. Papa forgot his phone at home, and hadn’t put their spare key back in its spot so he couldn’t get back in the house to get it. We pulled into the restaurant parking spot and he called to ask us to bring him the garage door opener. Later as we were at Goodwill he called to get us to come get him, 2 of our Goodwill stops were cut short and 1 got nixed completely, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We ate supper at Mom’s and got back home late.

6 December Wednesday

These last few days have been wonderful! The boys finish school by about 1pm, they play outside while I make lunch (as long as it’s not raining), we eat, and then we have the rest of the day to read, color, play or rest! Max colored a t-shirt today and I started on another kitchen towel. Jack and Max have made a big marble tower and played with it several times. TJ has pulled his laptop out a couple of times and played games on it. It’s been so relaxing.

Monday Max told me he hadn’t completed his reading I’d assigned him for his book report…he had about 5 minutes left, but he’d had a week to finish it. He’d had time to play Legos, but not enough time for his book. TJ and I took away his Legos and are giving him different classics to read until Friday.

TJ’s still working on the new lock. This door has always need a push to get it to latch or unlatch. This new lock has a fob to unlock remotely, and that won’t work if we have to be there to push the door into place. I hope he can get it fixed…he can also program one of my truck buttons to lock/unlock the bus.

Today we went through all our keys and labeled them. We have a mini panic every time we get ready to go to the storage unit. Since each time is so far in between it’s hard to remember which key is which.

There’s a 40% chance of snow Friday! I’ll be so surprised if we see any…but the boys will be so excited!

7 December Thursday

I tried to return some pj’s I’d picked up for Max…they turned out too small. We’ve gotten really good at scanning in all the receipts from Wal-Mart, and then when I return something the receipt is on my phone. This time the lady scanned the receipt on my phone and it wasn’t there! And the pj’s were lower priced…I would lose $4 if I returned them without a receipt. Ugh. When I got home I scoured the truck and bus for the receipt, and when Tj scanned the pj’s in my phone (exactly like the lady at WM had done) he found them! Well, at least I won’t lose any money.

Then I took forever to figure out what size underwear Jack needed. While I was in that super narrow aisle (only big enough for a buggy, not for 2 to pass) and old dude came in the other end of the aisle and just started ramming my buggy! I just stood there and looked at him incredulously, and he said oh, is this your buggy? I said yes. He said oh, I didn’t know it was your buggy. Jack and I were the only ones in that aisle, and there was only 1 buggy, and we were about 5′ from the buggy. I said well, next time why don’t you say is this your buggy instead of ramming it? I’m not proud of myself, I should have been nice to him even if he was a butt.

I tried a new pasta recipe tonight…but it was a bust. Oh well. I like trying new recipes.

8 December Friday

I slept from 9:45-6:45!!!!

We just woke up and Jack keeps saying it IS snow! It IS snow table! It IS snow playground!

We did some school today, not a full day though; there was just too much snow to let it go to waste! In CO I kept saying I’d never seen such fat, fluffy, wet snowflakes. Well, God sure has shown me! These are even more fat, fluffy and wet! They’re beautiful. There’s almost nothing more peaceful than a quiet snowfall.

9 December Saturday

We hemmed and hawed a while, but decided to chance the roads to Jo’s. She’d asked if we would trade babysitting with her because they had tickets that were expiring soon. We dropped the boys off and headed to the Korean BBQ place for lunch. TJ didn’t want to risk being out after dark because of black ice, so we didn’t stay long at Jo’s. We stopped by Kroger on the way home to get some cokes.

We walked around the campground and discussed whether we were going to clean the snow off the roof or let it sit. Tj’s read that it starts to be trouble when it gets to 12″, but we can see that the weight has pulled the awnings over the slide outs all the way down. We just got that slide out awning fixed, I’d hate to mess it up again with all that snow! As we walked we saw 2 campers with their regular awning left out, now bent in half by the weight of the snow. Poor people. By the time we got back to the bus I’d had an epiphany…I should get up on top of the bus, not Tj. If Tj falls off and breaks something he wont be able to fly; he’ll likely miss work for 2 months. If I fall off and break something it’ll be a major pain, but we’ll muddle through. Tj didn’t like it, but it made the most sense.

He climbed up the ladder and swept a bit of the snow off, and thought it was doable. So I layered on as much as I could and got to work. Grandmom had given me some rubber mats so I took 2 of them to kneel on as I went along. I never stood up, just crawled along the whole length of the bus. In the end the long wash brush and the dust pan worked best for getting the snow off. As I pushed the snow off the previously broken awning it wound itself back up around the rod; we were so relieved! By the time I was ready to get down there was a new layer of snow I had to clean off to make my way back to the ladder. When we got finished we measured the snow on the truck and it was 12″!!! That’s more than we got in CO!!

10 December Sunday

We packed and moved today. Everything went fine at first, and then it went kinda haywire for a bit. The office took forever to check me out, but Tj wasn’t in a hurry. Of course by the time I got back to the bus he’d remembered he should be checking the tire pressure. And they were all low because of the low temps. And then the air compressor wouldn’t work. Then we tried the compressor from the truck and after it was all plugged in Tj remembered that it only worked with car power not house. Then after I’d put that up Tj figured maybe it was our beat up extension cord not giving us enough power, so I got us 2 cords to plug together and the big compressor worked fine. Then after he aired up the first tire he realized it was losing pressure…the hose had cracked. Then he could only air up 2 more and it cracked too much to get any air in. Wow! We drove on flatter tires then, and all was fine.

Then when we got here they’re only letting us pay weekly, not monthly, so it’s more expensive. And it took us about an hour to level! It never takes that long, but this site was a little wonky. This is only about the 3rd time we had to raise the back, but the driver’s side was also a little low. We put blocks in what we thought was the logical place, but every time we upped one side or end we completely ruined the level of the other side or end. Ugh. We tried 3 different configurations of blocks before we got it right. But hopefully this time we’re leveled for good! After we’d been in the last place for a couple of weeks I mentioned to Tj that the bus was leaning to the passenger side, and then he couldn’t not see it (though it hadn’t really bothered him up to that point). It was leaning so badly that my cakes baked unlevel! He re-leveled it and all was well.

Oh, when I was checking out the woman took a phone call. She was telling the caller lots of gripes about the old man who works the desk sometimes…said he’d really messed up the register and she should expect a migraine when she came in the next day. While she was talking she was adding my total and I caught her transposing the numbers, so she fixed that. Then she gave us back some money. Tonight after supper she called to say we actually owed them money. Heh. Who messed up the register?

11 December Monday

Today we did school, and then made foods to bring to Mom’s for supper tonight. Max packed his clothes to spend the week there, but then when we were 3/4 of the way there I asked Max if he had his school. Of course he didn’t. He asked Tj why he hadn’t brought his laptop! Max had packed everything but didn’t put his laptop next to the other bags he’d packed. Tj said well, I guess he can’t stay the week! I knew he was right, but oh the agony!

Our supper turned out well, despite some mistakes. I forgot to put the mushrooms on the Aussie chicken, and it cooked faster than I expected, but thankfully it was still moist and tasted great. Tj made stuffed mushrooms…those turned out great.

12 December Tuesday

Mom came and got me at 9am for thrifting!!! I bought 2 shirts, 2 jackets, black and brown boots, some shorts for Max and a sheepskin rug “for Jack”.

Tj took the boys to Mom’s and Max will spend another week there. At 4:15 we went to Jo’s to keep her boys. She and Ted had tickets to a dinner theater. Her boys were fine, but they went to bed before Jo and Ted got home. Tj ordered us a pizza for supper.

I’ve said all along that Jack gets enough knowledge of God and Jesus from us, so this is why I don’t mind if he goes into different grades of classes at church. I don’t depend on the church to teach him what he needs to know in this area. But I’ve realized recently that I’ve been lacking in my teaching. Maybe. I definitely haven’t taught him as much as Max knew by this age, but I also don’t think he’d understand as much. We’ve taught him that God made everything, and that God loves him, and that disobeying is wrong, but not anything more specific than that. The other day we were standing by the large nativity scene outside the Jellystone office so I told him who the people were. There have been a few other times we’ve talked about Mary and Joseph and Jesus. I’ve also started telling him that Jesus is God. Well, today Tj and Jack were looking at the phone and a picture of the president came up. Tj asked Jack who that was and Jack said God!! That made me feel like I still don’t need to give him much more information now!

16 December Saturday

Today we celebrated Christmas. Tj goes to work tomorrow so we headed to Mom’s a bit early and the boys opened their presents. Tj bought Max a Millennium Falcon “Lego” set! We bought him 3 shirts. Jack got a sheepskin rug and 2 cars.

Kelly, Avery and Eric were there. Jo and her boys, us and Mom and Papa. Merry Christmas! We ate fried turkey, sweet potato casserole, cheesy bread, green salad, broccoli casserole, dressing and Alton’s french onion dip. Jo brought flourless chocolate cake and lemon fluff. Kelly brought spiced nuts and peanut butter chocolate fudge. She also brought everything except the cream to make pralines. Sigh.

I thought all the snow was gone but saw some on the way to the theater. We saw the new Star Wars tonight! It was good, but not quite as good as Rogue One.

17 December Sunday

Snuggling with us this morning Jack said I’ll be a BB8. I’ll be a R2D2, a Yoda, a Leia, a Skywalker I want a lightsaber. After each thing he would make the sound they made. Ha!

Jack prayed for us this morning: thank you Daddy for playground, you’re welcome Jack for playground.

We left today to take Tj to the FedEx ramp. After dropping him off and heading off to the restaurant he told me that the electricity was cut off at the Atlanta airport and that his flight might be cancelled! The boys and I had supper at a Mediterranean place…yum! We had a gyro with mustard taziki sauce, greek salad, souvlaki and awesome seasoned french fries. When we’d just finished eating Tj asked me to pick him up! He’d considered driving to Memphis but there are enough flights that it makes more sense for him to try to get another flight tomorrow.

18 December Monday

Tj said last night that we’d leave the house around 10:30am to go back to the airport. But when he got up he decided we should leave right away. I already had a lunch place and menu picked out! Oh well. Max packed to stay again at Gran and Pawpaw’s, so we went there after the airport.

Oh, the airport. It was crazy! This time we went to Delta, not the FedEx ramp. Tj didn’t specify and Google sent us to the international terminal. We had to go 2 miles on the highway to get back around to the domestic terminal! And then when we got to the drop off area Tj just got out of the truck…the traffic was horrendous. I was in the 2nd from the right lane, and then someone on my left pulled across my lane blocking 2 lanes and had their people unload their luggage. People from the right lane then proceeded to cross in front of us and them to exit. It was so crazy! It was also crazy that the Atlanta traffic in general was less crazy today than yesterday. Who would’ve thought that Monday at 9:30am would be less traffic than Sunday 2pm?!

We went to Mom’s and spent a good while there. Max finished his Millennium Falcon. Mom fed us leftovers, and then we went to walk. When we left I took Jack to a Chic-fil-a playground for a couple of hours. When we got home I got busy doing all the things I do when Tj leaves…laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc. It never ends, not even in a tiny house!

19 December Tuesday

Papa ground down my cast iron skillet the other day. Sunday morning I made funnel cakes for the 2nd time in it. Last night I put a couple of coats of grapeseed oil on it. It feels like glass! I got adventurous (and stupid) and cooked Jack’s egg on it this morning, and it stuck!!! Like concrete! I scrubbed it for at least 10 minutes with salt and the green scrubber and it’s better, but not great. I guess I’ll have Papa sand it again and then I’ll do the whole seasoning process in the oven.

Mom picked me up at 9am and we went to McKay’s in Chattanooga…what a store! I want to go there when we get a house and fill my new house with books! I brought back about 5 of those classics I’d bought Max at a Goodwill and got $4 store credit! I bought a few novel/recipe books and gave the rest to Mom. We went to 2 Goodwills after that, and then to a Goodwill outlet where some guy there told me how to really shop that place. I’ll be searching out outlets now! We had lunch at an awesome BBQ place, Thatcher’s. The brisket was wonderful, and I had fried green tomatoes and tater tots on the side. At our last Goodwill I found a robe…almost a kimono. I also bought a blue jean skirt that Mom will sew an edge on like Sara Lu’s. Oh, we also stopped at a foreign food place and I picked up a palate cleanser. It’s pretty yummy!

20 December Wednesday

Jack and I had an awesome rainy day. We did a little school, I pinned and wore my new kimono, and I cleaned out the whole bus looking for things we should put in storage. I read a good bit, and snoozed after lunch, Jack played marbles and magnets. It was wonderfully peaceful.