July 2016

At the end of April Gmom came for a visit. During that time we had our first brush with poison/kids!!! We’d been having problems with ants in the Morgan Bldg (after having no pests in there for 7 years!!). We tried a few things, and I’d gotten some poison from Home Depot. After using it one time I left the jug on the back porch. A day or two later Tj sent Jack out to play for a bit. Later Tj looked out and saw ant poison all over the back porch! He called Jack in and J had 2 or 3 grains of poison right next to his mouth!! We looked in his open mouth and it was pristine, nothing was in there. Ugh. We hemmed and hawed for half a minute about who to call, and then I got the number off the box. After I’d said I had a 9yo with poison on his mouth but before I could say he had DS the guy asked me why I didn’t just ask him if he’d eaten any. Heh. Of course I’d asked and Jack said yes he had, but that doesn’t really mean that he ate any. The guy said J would’ve had to have eaten a large amount (2T, Ha!! that’s not large for J!) and it tasted really bad so he likely hadn’t eaten much. He doesn’t know Jack. That boy eats everything! The guy said if he’d eaten a substantial amount he would be vomiting, and that we’d only need to treat the symptoms. I was so glad to hear that! He never vomited, and we’ll never know if he actually ate any.

21 June After Jack asked to pump the blue ball several times we told him not to talk about the blue ball again or there’d be consequences. He didn’t mention it again for several days! That boy understands more than he’s able to communicate.

23 June Jack always makes up his own songs. Today we were listening to “Even So, Come” and Jack sang, “Even So, Basketball”
Max has really made a turn-around with his money. Yesterday he knew he had about $70 and heard the ice cream truck. He asked me if they could have ice cream and I said, “Do you have enough money?” and he said no! Last year he would’ve had it spent so fast! It’s like a switch has been flipped and he’s ready to save money now. He has bought a few things with his money, and I tell him that’s why we earn money, to buy us the things that make us happy (after tithe and savings, of course), but he’s not burning all his money the instant it hits his hands anymore.

4 July Jack helped me get breakfast ready (while I was reading in the bedroom) by taking out 2 cast iron skillets, climbing up on the cabinets to get 2 plates, got the mayo and a cheese stick out, and got out the tortillas (?). He also got the milk, a cup and a straw out.
Yesterday at lunch I taught him how to open an oatmeal cream pie, and then at supper he was able to open one all by himself with no other instruction! Those fat little fingers still don’t do what he wants them to do always, but they did a good job then.

4 July Jack knocked the mirror down in the bathroom. The full length mirror. That crazy kid! I was so thankful that the prongs that were holding it to the wall at the top were on the sides…so it just slid down the wall and landed on the baseboard, not the tile in our bathroom!

6 July Jack’s reading. The whole page was: Israel’s First King 1 Samuel 8-10 When Samuel was an old man, God’s people said, “We want a king to rule over us.” Samuel asked God for help. God told Samuel to warn the people about all the trouble a king could bring. Jack only had trouble pronouncing: rule, warn, trouble and could. Could he pronounced ‘would’ and then guessed ‘cloud’. He’s doing such a great job reading! He’s been reading stuff around him when not in ‘school’ for a good while…like barbecue sauce bottles on the table when we eat, signs on the side of the road, etc.

7 July Jack was reading and it said, “…would have to give the best things…” After he read that he patted me on the shoulder and said, “My best mom”!!!

9 July Jack climbed up onto the counter to get the bowls for breakfast and couldn’t get down. He sat there for at least 10 minutes and never thought to call for help. I called him a few times and and he answered. I figured he was stuck, so I waited to see how long it would take for him to figure out to call me. He never did.

11 July Today’s the first day (of probably his last week) of sports camp. He made himself throw up in the pool because he didn’t want to swim…he wanted to play basketball!!!!!!!!!!