June 2016

Here’s a quick run-down of our vacation we took this month:

Thu 2nd
Drive to st Louis, @5 hours
Couldn’t get either DVD player to work
Max forgot kindle
Ate burgers on the way at Hayden’s
Walked a block and back to the restaurant while Tj payed
J threw up inside!
Fudge at the flea market
Hotel and swim
Pizza next door for supper

Fri 3rd
Early breakfast at hotel fulfilling J’s desire to “eat breakfast otel!”
Jack threw up his boiled egg
St. Louis Arch 10:10
J freaked out going down the stairs to get back on the train, I think because of steep steps and dark tunnel feel
Walked around St. Louis
Monty’s Sandwich Co for lunch
Federal reserve bank tour
Bags of shredded money
Butterfly house and playground, dippin dots for the boys
Max totally lost it in the butterfly house!!!
Salt and smoke for supper, they brought me the wrong meal, so I got two! Awesome brisket.
Hotel and swim
J asleep 9:30, awoke 7:30

Sat 4th
City Museum: closed toed shoes and pants
J freaked out walking over grills, and got lost twice
Wrote my number on his arm
Lunch there
Ice cream after, mine was only ok
Chinese for supper
Jack said, “Thanks, babe” to the waiter. Classy.
Bed around 9pm

Sun 5th
Drive to bentonville, @5 hours
We were singing Happy Day and Jack sang Jack birthday, and thanks for saving me!!
Listened to church on the drive
Gave Jack his first piece of gum. Swallowed in under 30 seconds.
The Red Barn Cafe and Hen House Bakery
Potatoes and white gravy were the best!!! I had that for dessert. We bought a giant cinnamon roll to go and ate it the next day…but it was undercooked in the middle.
Swim/hot tub 1.5 hrs
Supper at Taqueria Guanajuato

Mon 6th
Crystal Bridges 11-6pm
Amazeum 10-5
Jack said “Oh wow, a gutter” in the most bored voice ever
Saw a Frank Lloyd Wrigt house from the outside
Bought sketchbooks for Max and me, he promised to draw a human figure every day
Hotel and watched some of the Maltese Falcon while Tj napped
Swim/hot tub
Greek place in the mall with the best fries ever! Put Cavenders on fries from now on
Max new tennies like Dr. Who
Ice cream at Braum’s
Lights out at 10pm
First showing of our house tomorrow!!!!

Tue 7th
Breakfast and Swim/hot tub
Terra studios (should’ve planned more time there)
CJs Big Boy burgers
Drove to Hot Springs
Scoops ice cream for supper
Wed 8th
Zipline 9:00am with Max
Drove home
Ate lunch at Brown’s Country Store and Restaurant…tried fried green tomatoes for the first time…they were great!

Once again it’s been forever since I blogged. I thought I was getting the hang of blogging somewhat regularly. Obviously not. Since the last time I blogged we’ve gone through a lot of changes…finally got the house painted, decided (fairly surely) that we won’t pack ourselves, Tj put a lot of our things on fb for sale and we sold the boys’ bed, and the house is finally on the market!!! We’ve even shown it a few times. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but things have slowed down a bit, thankfully, so I’m here to catch up.

5 Feb Jack said, “Tuesday, Wednesday, yesterday”

11 Feb Trying to get Jack to pronounce muffins = mum nins even after the 10th time repeating me
Also, he’s said “I going gym” a few times today. As much as he likes basketball, he likes the disco ball more.

I hold Jack’s head to brush his/wipe his face. Some times he held his head for me to do it. :-)

18 Feb Out of the blue Jack said, “I came downstairs, Mom.” He sounded just like any other boy! Obviously this is enough (very) out of the norm that I noted it.

26 Feb Tj complimented Jack on saying “yes ma’am” instead of “yes’m” and now he never says “yes’m” anymore!! I miss that.

17 March Jack is saying, “Mom, I want lost my teeth, mom.” It took me a week or two to realize he wants to floss his teeth.

30 March This wasn’t a good few days in our week:
After a play time at church this Wednesday night Max said he saw a couple of boys taking off their shirts (????) so he told them this wasn’t ‘Stripping 101’!!!!!
He was leaving the classroom early and John H told him he couldn’t leave. Max looked at his watch and told him insolently that it was 7:30, like he was free to do what he wanted when class was over.
When asked what everyone had been doing for Spring Break Max said we sat around and waited for a stupid asian(!!) to come paint our house. Boy, there were fireworks when we got home that night! I’m so glad I have friends in his classroom who will tell me how he behaves and when he needs correction.
Then Sunday on the way to church Max told me he wanted us to “Take turns spelling confusion out loud. I’ll spell the first three letters and you spell the next two”!!!!!!!!!! I asked him who taught him that and he said Aidan. I asked if he knew what he’d be having me say and he mumbled around a bit, then told me. I asked if he knew what that meant, and he knows what the word is, but I don’t know how much he knows what it means. I told him that he’d never heard me or his dad or any of our friends say that word. It’s not a word we’d ever use, and he could never use it, etc etc etc. Whew!

19 Mar Saturday Jack just climbed up in my bed at 7:15. The first thing he said was, “I am sick. I want drink waterbottle. I want Animusic.” !!!!!!! I asked him where Max was and he said, “Upstairs, in the bed.”

I asked Max if he thought he’d have a wife when he grew up. He said maybe so, he’d changed his mind after the passport to purity weekend with Tj. I asked what changed his mind and he said he hadn’t realized that sex was supposed to be fun. He’d wondered why people had sex before then. :-)

31 March Reading the Bible I say, “idolatry” and Jack says excitedly, “Dollar Tree!!”

J now closes his eyes in prayer. For at least a year he’s prayed for “all the colors down slide”. Now it’s changed a bit into listing each individual color, and then dramatically saying ” all the colors down the slide” while twirling his head around like a spiral slide. Every time he prays. And he wants to pray every time. There was no childcare for the Lord’s Supper last Sunday night and when the preacher said he was going to pray Jack got mad that I wouldn’t let him pray.

1 April Jack says “thank you paint house” to the painter.

8 April I asked Jack about a picture in a book, “Who’s in the truck?” He said, “Red.” Again, “Who’s in the truck?” Again, “Red.” I give up and ask, “What color is the truck?” He gave up and said, “Orange.” It really was red. I really don’t get this parenting a kid with Down Syndrome, apparently.

18 Apr We saw a fire truck and I told Jack we needed to pray for those people. Before I even finish saying that he said he said, “Thank you Jesus for food, fire truck, amen.” Then I prayed for the people and during my prayer I said, “…Lord, please help the people who are sick to know you…” and Jack was repeating what I said except he said, “…Lord, please help the people who are sick to yes you…” That’s why his nickname is antonym.

20 May Halfway to gym Max starts going postal in the backseat. I asked if he’d forgotten to wear something with an elastic waistband (a requirement since he does the bar). No. He forgot to put on shoes. Apparently I’m not so hot at raising a ‘typical’ kid either!

1 June Jack kissed me and stuck his (long, pointy) tongue in my mouth!

13 June Jack went to sport’s camp this week…it’s his second year going and he loves it! At the end of the first day they told me his glasses ended up at the bottom of the pool. I thanked them for getting them out and we left. The next morning I asked if he jumped in with them on or what and they said no, he’d just thrown them in! I apologized for his behavior and thanked them a lot for going to get them and they said no problem…then laughed and said they’d made the intern go get them.