February 2016

Here’s the last from last year, and some from this year.

2 Dec Max asked to make waffles and I graciously said yes. It’s such a pleasure to have a kid who can cook! We were out of the box mix so he dug out his recipe and got to town. I walked into the kitchen about halfway through his process and he casually said, “Oh, is borax the same as baking soda?”!!! He was about to measure it out! I guess I need to keep a better eye on him when he’s cooking!

6 Nov My Mom sent me an email from a missionary friend of hers a while back talking about how wonderful it was to get care packages, and how they mean so much more than convenience to someone so long gone from home. I felt led to send a package to a girl I grew up with who’s a missionary to Chili. I emailed her and got a list of requests and boy did I go to town! Tj told me he gets something crazy like 75% off shipping prices from FedEx, so I thought I was golden. I sure was surprised when they quoted me $500 to ship my box! I didn’t know they only do guaranteed delivery date. They suggested I try the Post Office. When I went there I think the first price they stated was $100. I asked what the cheapest rate to ship to Chili was and she said $40, so I got busy. I was so glad only a random person or two came in during the time I went crazy with the box and its contents…and Jack miraculously played quietly during the 40 minutes or so it took. I’d planned ahead and brought packing materials and extra tape, but it was crazy what I had to do to reduce the size and weight of that box. I finally got it down to size and shipped that sucker off. Lesson learned.

26 Nov My next lesson was no less crazy. My friend’s inlaws invited the boys and me over for Thanksgiving dinner. I asked what I could bring and then we decided I’d make a pecan pie. I’ve made them before, and they’re super easy, but they don’t always set in the middle. I did some research about how to cope with that problem and thought I was golden. I decided to make the pie early in the morning so I wouldn’t be rushed at all and that turned out to be the best thing. I whipped it up, put it in the oven and started enjoying my free time. It wasn’t long before I started smelling something burnt. Ugh. After I shut the oven door (and maybe that’s what did it) some of the pie crust edge fell off and the filling started spilling out…all over my pizza stone and onto the bottom of the oven. And boy did it stink! All that sugar was just burning for half an hour or so. I was worried all the way through that the pie wouldn’t taste good being cooked in that stinky oven, but it tasted fine. I only had enough karo for 2/3 of a pie, so I decided to try individual pies. Those worked out better. I’m now sick of pecan pie.

27 Nov I took the ironing board out for something and decided to call Jack over to see it. He still has a strong attraction to our ironing board, even though I take it out only about once every other year. When he saw it in the kitchen he cried, “Cute ironing board!” Then he went into the laundry room and cried, “Oh no! Ironing board lost!!” And came back into the kitchen and said again, “Cute ironing board!” He looked it all over, bent down and touched the underside…he was just overwhelmed with the glory of the ironing board. I really don’t understand the way his brain works…why he sounded worried that the ironing board was lost when he could see it right there. Either way it was funny and cute to watch.

6 Jan Jack cut up the beach ball globe. He’d cut the microscope cover previously.

26 Jan This was a very busy and stressful week for me. I got up this morning at 4:30 to take Tj to the airport. By this point in the week I was beginning to think that a cat was stuck under our house. It woke me up every night crying loudly but it couldn’t figure out how to get out…this is the second time this has happened to us in this house. I was also smelling something in our guest bathroom. I’m hoping that it’s the cat smell wafting up but not enough time has passed that I know what to do about it. Last week Tj and Max had an overnight trip to Hot Springs and Tj did the P2P curriculum with him. Also this night I showed up at Upwards for practice and everyone else had gotten an email saying it was picture night. I really don’t know how we’re not on the mailing list since Tj had been getting mails from Cassandra about helping…either way they lent me a uniform for Jack’s photos. I really wanted a good photo of him in his uniform since he’s wanted to play basketball for so long.

29 Jan M showed up to gym in snow boots and shorts. Yeah. Later he went under the house to get that blasted cat! I need some sleep! I told him I’d buy him a shake for doing that :-)

30 Jan I’m still doing that thing occasionally where I know we have to be someplace (the Upwards game) at 8:30am, so as I’m getting ready I keep thinking that we have to get in the car at 8:30. That never works! Why don’t I learn?! So we were 2 minutes ahead of time to the game which is fine for practice but really too late for the game. When I sent Jack behind the plastic curtain they all run out from I saw that neither of his coaches were there! So I started wondering if I’d gotten the time wrong. On my way to check I saw another mom who asked me for our coach’s number. I showed it to her on my phone, and she just took my phone and called her from there!! I didn’t mind too much, I’d seen her around, but it was kinda strange I thought. So they dim the lights and all the kids run out (this is Jack’s favorite part, they turn on the disco ball during this time…it’s the highlight of his week!) and the woman still has my phone. It’s dark and I’m watching for Jack so I just wait till it’s over to look for her. When the lights go up I see her all the way across the gym sitting next to someone and chatting. She sees me and waves me over to get my phone!! What the heck??!! She borrowed my phone without asking and is now waving me over??!! What a weirdo!

2 Feb Laundry day today. Second or third load of clothes comes out of the dryer and I see Max’s pen right inside the door on top of the lint trap!! I call him and fuss at him…I’d recently told him to start checking his pockets (story to follow) and he obviously wasn’t! He got the pen and then opened it…and it just spilled super black ink all over the floor!! It got on the little Turkish rug I had in there and on the bottoms of his socks, but I think that was it. Well, I still have a big spot on my hands and some on my feet, and I’m sure he does too. What a mess! It cleaned up fairly easily, thankfully. The other story is that at Christmas, the day we were leaving (and having such a horrible time/fight) I took Max’s clothes out of Mom’s dryer and found that he’d left 3 big pieces of gum in there! Tj and I spend the next half hour or so wiping and erasing the gum from the drum. Ugh!!!!