January 2016

Here are just a few more tidbits from last year. I have another couple of prompts that I need to write out but that will have to wait for another day.

23 Nov Jack said “I want to ride my bike please, mom”!! He’s saying unprompted full sentences about once or twice a week.

24 Nov Maca-waca: how Jack said maraca.

25 Nov Listening to K-Love and the song says ‘Cry to Jesus’ Jack says ‘Don’t cry Jesus, be happy!’

30 Nov I said, “We’re going to the library” Jack says, “3 library”

1 Dec “All I know is that Gran bought me a shirt that might possibly be cursed!” (Max’s theory about why he’s been grounded from Minecraft…it has nothing to do with his actions!)

1 Dec was Jack’s first Upwards practice! His first game is this Saturday morning.

19 Dec I asked Jack several “Where do you wear…” questions and answered them too. Where do you where a hat? pants? glasses? shirt? and a couple of others. But still, when I asked where you wear your socks he looked at them and said “White”.

It’s the first day of the new year! Tj and Max are still asleep, Jack is jumping and watching Doodlebops, and I’m thinking about resolutions. They’ve kinda gone out of fashion lately, but I really like thinking about the new/clean slate a new year brings. The main one I’m hoping to keep this year is to be kinder, both out loud and inside, too. Sometimes I can manage to keep my mouth shut, but inside I’m full of self-righteous judgement. I want to remember that I’m not the best judge of the whole world. I like to think that Tj being gone so much now and me having to make all decisions makes it hard to change┬áback when he gets home…but honestly this didn’t start with his new job. No one likes that kind of person. I need more humility. And quiet. So that’s my goal.

We rang in the new year well with our friends. It’s so nice to have great friends. I don’t take them for granted.

And my wonderful family; I’m so blessed. My husband is the best, and an excellent fit for me. And I love my children so! They’ve taught me so much about my relationship with God, and are (hopefully) teaching me patience.

This is going to be a wonderful year!